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Championship Wrestling Association
World Heavyweight Championship
(January 1979 - 1981)
Won By: Won From:     Date: Event: Location: Length of         
Title Reign:         
Thunderbolt Patterson Mark Lewin Jan. 01, 1979        -- Melbourne, VIC, Australia 274 days     
Patterson was said to have defeated Mark Lewin to become the first champion.
Pat McGinnis Hector Guerrero Oct. 02, 1979        -- Louisville, KY, USA 6 days     
McGinnis defeated Guerrero for the title, unknown if the title was vacant or held by Guerrero.
Billy Graham Pat McGinnis Oct. 08, 1979        -- Memphis, TN, USA 35 days     
Jerry Lawler Billy Graham Nov. 12, 1979        -- Memphis, TN, USA 70 days     
** Title Held-Up ** Lawler & Dundee Jan. 21, 1980        -- Memphis, TN, USA 98 days     
The title was held-up after a match against Bill Dundee.
Billy Robinson The Masked Superstar Apr. 28, 1980        -- Memphis, TN, USA 98 days     
Lawler was unabe to compete in a rematch for the vacant title due to a broken leg. A tournament was held to determine a new champion.
Bill Dundee Billy Robinson Aug. 04, 1980        -- Memphis, TN, USA 7 days     
Billy Robinson (2) Bill Dundee Aug. 11, 1980        -- Memphis, TN, USA 56 days     
Austin Idol Billy Robinson Oct. 06, 1980        -- Memphis, TN, USA 14 days     
Bobby Eaton Austin Idol Oct. 20, 1980        -- Memphis, TN, USA 7 days     
Eaton wins the title via forfeit, reason unknown.
Billy Robinson (3) Bobby Eaton Oct. 27, 1980        -- Memphis, TN, USA 156 days     
Dory Funk Billy Robinson Apr. 01, 1981        -- -- 122 days     
Funk was recognized as champion in April, exact date and location unknown.
The title is retired in late 1981.