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Deep South Wrestling
D.S.W. Tag Team
Tag Team Championship
(May 18, 2006 - Present)
Won By: Won From:     Date: Event: Location: Length of         
Title Reign:         
High Impact:
Mike Taylor & Tony Santorelli
Tournament May 18, 2006        -- McDonough, GA, USA 140 days     
High Impact won the titles in the tournament finals to determine the first champions by defeating Gymini Jake & Lex Lovett.
The Untouchables:
Deuce Shade & Dice Domino
High Impact Oct. 05, 2006        -- McDonough, GA, USA 7 days     
Majors Brothers:
Brett Majors & Brian Majors
The Untouchables Oct. 12, 2006        -- McDonough, GA, USA 49 days     
Sonny Siaki & Eric Perez Majors Brothers Nov. 30, 2006        -- McDonough, GA, USA 14 days     
Gymini Twins:
Jake & Jesse
Siaki & Perez Dec. 14, 2006        -- McDonough, GA, USA 36 days     
** Title Vacated ** Gymini Twins Jan. 19, 2007        -- McDonough, GA, USA 0 days     
The titles were vacated after the Gymini Twins were released from their W.W.E. contracts.
Majors Brothers:
Brett Majors (2) & Brian Majors (2)
Triple Threat Tag Match Jan. 19, 2007        -- McDonough, GA, USA 48 days     
The Majors brothers defeated William Regal & Dave Taylor and Sonny Siaki & Afa Jr. in a triple threat match for the vacant titles.
Derrick Neikirk & Mike Knox Majors Brothers Mar. 08, 2007        -- McDonough, GA, USA 42 days     
On April 18, 2007, the W.W.E. announce they were ending their development relationship with Deep South Wrestling. The promotion closed down the next day.