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Extreme Championship Wrestling
E.C.W. World Heavyweight
World Heavyweight Championship
(August 27, 1994 - April 11, 2001)
Won By: Won From:     Date: Event: Location: Length of         
Title Reign:         
On August 27, 1994, Eastern Championship Wrestling separates from the N.W.A. and renames the promotion Extreme Championship Wrestling.
Shane Douglas -- Aug. 27, 1994        NWA World Title Tourn. Philadelphia, PA, USA 231 days     
The Sandman (2) Shane Douglas Apr. 15, 1995        Hostile City Showdown Philadelphia, PA, USA 196 days     
Mikey Whipwreck The Sandman Oct. 28, 1995        E.C.W. Arena Philadelphia, PA, USA 42 days     
The Sandman (3) 3-Way Match Dec. 09, 1995        Dec. To Dismember Philadelphia, PA, USA 49 days     
The Sandman pins Steve Austin in a Three Way Match that also included the champion Mikey Whipwreck.
Raven The Sandman Jan. 27, 1996        E.C.W. Arena Philadelphia, PA, USA 252 days     
The Sandman (4) Tag Team Match Oct. 05, 1996        Ultimate Jeopardy Philadelphia, PA, USA 63 days     
When Raven doesn't show up for the scheduled title match, the title is put on the line in a tag team match between The Sandman & Tommy Dreamer vs. Stevie Richards & Brian Lee. The Sandman pins Richards to win the title.
Raven (2) The Sandman Dec. 07, 1996        Holiday Hell Philadelphia, PA, USA 127 days     
Terry Funk Raven Apr. 13, 1997        Barely Legal Philadelphia, PA, USA 118 days     
Sabu Terry Funk Aug. 09, 1997        Born To Be Wired Philadelphia, PA, USA 8 days     
Shane Douglas (3) Three Way Dance Aug. 17, 1997        Hardcore Heaven Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA 60 days     
Douglas And Terry Funk pinned Sabu, then Douglas pinned Funk in a Three Way Dance for the title.
Bam Bam Bigelow Shane Douglas Oct. 16, 1997        -- Elmhurst, NY, USA 45 days     
Shane Douglas (4) Bam Bam Bigelow Nov. 30, 1997        Nov. To Remember Pittsburgh, PA, USA 1 yr, 41 days     
Taz Shane Douglas Jan. 10, 1999        Guilty As Charged Kissimmee, FL, USA 252 days     
Mike Awesome 3-Way Match Sep. 19, 1999        Anarchy Rulz Villa Park, IL, USA 89 days     
Awesome And Masato Tanaka pinned Taz, then Awesome pinned Tanaka in a Three Way Dance for the title.
Masato Tanaka Mike Awesome Dec. 17, 1999        E.C.W. on T.N.N. Nashville, TN, USA 6 days     
Mike Awesome (2) Masato Tanaka Dec. 23, 1999        E.C.W. on T.N.N. White Plains, NY, USA 112 days     
Tazz (2) Mike Awesome Apr. 13, 2000        E.C.W. on T.N.N. Indianapolis, IN, USA 9 days     
Tommy Dreamer Taz Apr. 22, 2000        CyberSlam Philadelphia, PA, USA 0 days     
Justin Credible Tommy Dreamer Apr. 22, 2000        CyberSlam Philadelphia, PA, USA 162 days     
Jerry Lynn Justin Credible Oct. 01, 2000        Anarchy Rulz St. Paul, MN, USA 35 days     
Steve Corino Double Jeopardy Match Nov. 05, 2000        Nov. To Remember Villa Park, IL, USA 63 days     
In a "Double Jeopardy" match that also included the champion Jerry Lynn, Justin Credible and The Sandman, Credible pinned Jerry Lynn and Corino pinned The Sandman. Corino then pinned Credible to win the title.
The Sandman (5) 3-Way TLCC Match Jan. 07, 2001        Guilty As Charged New York, NY, USA 0 days     
The Sandman defeated Justin Credible and Steve Corino in a Three Way Dance: Tables, Ladders, Chairs and Canes match to win the title.
Rhino The Sandman Jan. 07, 2001        Guilty As Charged New York, NY, USA 94 days     
On April 11, 2001, H.H.G. Corporation, the parent comapany owned by Paul Heyman declared bankruptcy. Although E.C.W. would continue to exist in the W.W.F., the titles owned by E.C.W. cease to exist.