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Jersey All-Pro Wrestling
Light-Heavyweight Championship
(June 7, 2002 - January 2004)
Won By: Won From:     Date: Event: Location: Length of         
Title Reign:         
Ghost Shadow Dixie Jun. 07, 2002        -- Bayonne, NJ, USA 0 days     
Dixie Awarded Jun. 07, 2002        -- -- 98 days     
Dixie is awared the title after the New Jersey State Heavyweight Championship, which Dixie currently holds, is retired and renamed the Television Championship.
Jay Lethal 3-Way Match Sep. 13, 2002        -- Bayonne, NJ, USA 323 days     
Lethal defeated Ghost Shadow and Rain in a 3-way elimination match for the title.
Skinhead Ivan Jay Lethal Aug. 02, 2003        -- Rahway, NJ, USA 133 days     
Eddie Thomas Skinhead Ivan Dec. 13, 2003        -- Rahway, NJ, USA 19 days     
The title is retired.