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National Boxing/Wrestling Association
World Junior Heavyweight Championship
(August 14, 1934 - December 28, 1949)
Won By: Won From:     Date: Event: Location: Length of         
Title Reign:         
Albion Britt Tournament Aug. 14, 1934        -- Hollywood, CA, USA 2 yrs, 130 days     
Britt defeated Ted Christy in the finals of a tournament to become the first champion.
Chick Dude Albion Britt Dec. 21, 1936        -- San Francisco, CA, USA 258 days     
Sgt. Bob Kenaston Chick Dude Sep. 05, 1937        -- Hollywood, CA, USA 1 yr, 101 days     
Dan Savich Sgt. Bob Kenaston Dec. 15, 1938        -- Toledo, OH, USA 7 days     
Paul Bozzell Dan Savich Dec. 22, 1938        -- Toledo, OH, USA 14 days     
Sgt. Bob Kenaston Paul Bozzell Jan. 05, 1939        -- Toledo, OH, USA 109 days     
John Swenski Sgt. Bob Kenaston Apr. 24, 1939        -- Tulsa, OK, USA 56 days     
Leroy McGuirk John Swenski Jun. 19, 1939        -- Hollywood, CA, USA 10 yrs, 236 days     
On December 12, 1949, McGuirk defeated N.W.A. Junior Heavyweight Champion Billy Goelz to unify the titles.
On February 7, 1950 McGuirk vacates the title after being involved in an automobile accident and retires from wrestling. The title is retired in favour of the N.W.A. World Junior Heavyweight Championship.