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National Wrestling Alliance
Eastern Heavyweight Championship
(April 25, 1992 - August 26, 1994)
Won By: Won From:     Date: Event: Location: Length of         
Title Reign:         
Jimmy Snuka Battle Royal Tournament Apr. 25, 1992        -- Philadelphia, PA, USA 1 day     
Snuka defeated Sal Bellomo in a match determined by the winners of two separate battle royals.
Johnny Hot Body Jimmy Snuka Apr. 26, 1992        -- Philadelphia, PA, USA 77 days     
Jimmy Snuka (2) Johnny Hot Body Jul. 12, 1992        -- Philadelphia, PA, USA 104 days     
Don Muraco Jimmy Snuka Oct. 24, 1992        -- Philadelphia, PA, USA 23 days     
The Sandman Don Muraco Nov. 16, 1992        -- Philadelphia, PA, USA 138 days     
Don Muraco (2) The Sandman Apr. 03, 1993        -- Radnor, PA, USA 127 days     
Tito Santana Don Muraco Aug. 08, 1993        -- Philadelphia, PA, USA 32 days     
Shane Douglas Tito Santana Sep. 09, 1993        -- Roanoke, VA, USA 23 days     
Douglas wins by forfeit when Tito Santana no-showed for the match.
Sabu Shane Douglas Oct. 02, 1993        N.W.A. Bloodfest: Part 2 Philadelphia, PA, USA 85 days     
Terry Funk Sabu Dec. 26, 1993        Holiday Hell Philadelphia, PA, USA 90 days     
Shane Douglas (2) 8-man War Game Mar. 26, 1994        Ultimate Jeopardy Valley Forge, PA, USA 154 days     
Douglas pinned Terry Funk in 8-man war game match also included Mr. Hughes and Public Enemy vs. Funk, Hawk, Kevin Sullivan, and Taz.
On August 27, 1994, Eastern Championship Wrestling separates from the N.W.A. and renames the promotion Extreme Championship Wrestling. Douglas is named the E.C.W. World Heavyweight Championship.