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National Wrestling Alliance/
Eastern Championship Wrestling
Television Championship
(August 12, 1992 - August 27, 1994)
Won By: Won From:     Date: Event: Location: Length of         
Title Reign:         
Johnny Hotbody Larry Winters Aug. 12, 1992        -- Philadelphia, PA, USA 31 days     
Johnny Hotbody defeated Larry Winters in a match to crown the first N.W.A./E.C.W. Televison Championship.
** Title Vacated ** Johnny Hotbody Sep. 12, 1992        -- -- 18 days     
The title was vacated on September 12, 1992 after Hotbody broke his ankle in his title victory and was unable to defend the championship.
Glenn Osbourne Battle Royal Sep. 30, 1992        -- Philadelphia, PA, USA 151 days     
Glenn Osbourne eliminated The Sandman in a battle royal for the title.
** Title Vacated ** Glenn Osbourne Feb. 28, 1993        -- -- 12 days     
Osbourne vacates the title February of 1993, reason unknown.
Jimmy Snuka Tournament Mar. 12, 1993        -- Radnor, PA, USA 203 days     
Jimmy Snuka defeated Glenn Osbourne in a 8-man tournament final for the title. The tournament also included Johnny Hotbody, Eddie Gilbert, J.T. Smith, Tommy Cairo, Salvatore Bellomo and Larry Winters.
Terry Funk Jimmy Snuka Oct. 01, 1993        N.W.A. Bloodfest: Pt. 1 Philadelphia, PA, USA 43 days     
Sabu Terry Funk Nov. 13, 1993        Nov. To Remember Philadelphia, PA, USA 113 days     
Sabu pinned Terry Funk in a tag team match where the title can change hands.
Tazmaniac Sabu Mar. 06, 1994        -- Philadelphia, PA, USA 0 days     
J.T. Smith Tazmaniac Mar. 06, 1994        -- Philadelphia, PA, USA 41 days     
Mikey Whipwreck The Pitbull #1 May 13, 1994        -- Philadelphia, PA, USA 92 days     
Jason Knight Mikey Whipwreck Aug. 13, 1994        Hardcore Heaven Philadelphia, PA, USA 14 days     
On August 27, 1994, Eastern Championship Wrestling separates from the N.W.A. and renames the promotion Extreme Championship Wrestling. They also keep control of their T.V. title and rename it the E.C.W. World Television Championship.