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National Wrestling Alliance - Florida
X-Division Championship
(January 1, 2003 - May 2006)
Won By: Won From:     Date: Event: Location: Length of         
Title Reign:         
Naphtali Awarded Jan. 01, 2003        -- -- 107 days     
Naphtali, the reigning N.W.A. Florida Junior Heavyweight Champion, is awarded the X-Division Championship.
Justice Naphtali Apr. 18, 2003        -- Pinellas Park, FL, USA 71 days     
David Babylon Justice Jun. 28, 2003        -- Davie, FL, USA 21 days     
Babylon defeated Justice and Naphtali in a 3-way match for the title.
Roderick Strong David Babylon Jul. 19, 2003        -- St. Petersburg, FL, USA 147 days     
Jerrelle Clark 4-Way Match Dec. 13, 2003        -- St. Petersburg, FL, USA 28 days     
Clark defeated Stron, Justice and Naphtali in a 4-way match for the title.
** Title Vacated ** Jerrelle Clark Jan. 10, 2004        -- -- 42 days     
Clark vacates the title after winning the N.W.A. World Junior Heavyweight Championship.
Roderick Strong (2) Mikey Batts Feb. 21, 2004        -- Philadelphia, PA, USA 68 days     
Sedrick Strong Roderick Strong Apr. 29, 2004        -- New Port Richley, FL, USA 128 days     
Naphtali (2) Sedrick Strong Sep. 04, 2004        -- Clearwater, FL, USA 175 days     
Mikey Batts Naphtali Feb. 26, 2005        -- Brandon, FL, USA 64 days     
Batts defeated Naphtali, Jerrelle Clark, Sedrick Strong, Johnny Vandal and Mikey Tenderfoot in a 6-man single pinfall or submission match.
N.W.A. Florida closes in May of 2005.