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New York State Athletic Commission
World Heavyweight Championship
(February 1928 - July 30, 1935)
Won By: Won From:     Date: Event: Location: Length of         
Title Reign:         
Hans Steinke Awarded Feb. 01, 1928        -- -- 1 yr, 47 days     
Steinke is awarded the title after the Commission considers him the most legimated claimant to the title based on his record.
Dick Shikat Hans Steinke Mar. 20, 1929        -- Chicago, IL, USA 1 yr, 78 days     
Jim Londos Dick Shikat Jun. 06, 1930        -- Philadelphia, PA, USA 1 yr, 361 days     
** Title Vacated ** Jim Londos Jun. 01, 1932        -- -- 131 days     
Londos is stripped of the title after refusing to face Ed "The Strangler" Lewis in a title match.
Ed "The Strangler" Lewis Jack Sherry Oct. 10, 1932        -- New York, NY, USA 133 days     
Lewis is awarded the title after his win against Sherry.
Jim Browning Ed Lewis Feb. 20, 1933        -- New York, NY, USA 1 yr, 125 days     
Only recognized in 23 of the 48 states.
Jim Londos (2) Jim Browning Jun. 25, 1934        -- New York, NY, USA 1 yr, 2 days     
Danno O'Mahoney Jim Londos Jun. 27, 1935        -- Boston, MA, USA 33 days     
O'Mahoney defeats Ed Don George on July 30, 1935 for the Boston version of the A.W.A. World Heavyweight Championship and unifies the titles. The N.Y.S.A.C. title is abandoned.