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Ring Of Honor
World Championship
(July 27, 2002 - Present)
Won By: Won From:     Date: Event: Location: Length of         
Title Reign:         
Low-Ki 4-Way Iron Man Match Jul. 27, 2002        Crowning A Champion Philadelphia, PA, USA 57 days     
Low-Ki won an Iron Man Match were 1 point was awarded for a pinfall and -1 point if you were pinned. The final score was Low-Ki 3, Christopher Daniels 2, Spanky 1 and Doug Williams -1.
Xavier Low-Ki Sep. 22, 2002        Unscripted Philadelphia, PA, USA 181 days     
Samoa Joe Xavier Mar. 22, 2003        Night Of Champions Philadelphia, PA, USA 1 yr, 280 days     
Austin Aries Samoa Joe Dec. 26, 2004        Final Battle Philadelphia, PA, USA 174 days     
C.M. Punk Austin Aries Jun. 18, 2005        Death Before Dishonor Morristown, NJ, USA 58 days     
James Gibson Elimination Match Aug. 15, 2005        Redemption Dayton, OH, USA 33 days     
Gibson defeated C.M. Punk in an elimination match that also included Samoa Joe.
American Dragon James Gibson Sep. 17, 2005        Glory By Honor Lake Grove, NY, USA 1 yr, 97 days     
Homicide American Dragon Dec. 23, 2006        Final Battle New York, NY, USA 56 days     
Takeshi Morishima Homicide Feb. 17, 2007        -- Philadelphia, PA, USA 231 days     
Nigel McGuinness Takeshi Morishima Oct. 06, 2007        Undeniable Edison, NJ, USA 1 yr, 180 days     
Jerry Lynn Nigel McGuinness Apr. 03, 2009        Supercard Of Honor Houston, TX, USA 71 days     
Austin Aries (2) Triple Threat Match Jun. 13, 2009        Manhattan Mayhem New York, NY, USA 245 days     
Aries pinned Tyler Black in a triple threat elimination match that also involved the champion, Jerry Lynn.
Tyler Black Austin Aries Feb. 13, 2010        Anniversary Show New York, NY, USA 210 days     
Roderick Strong Tyler Black Sep. 11, 2010        Glory By Honor New York, NY, USA 189 days     
Eddie Edwards Roderick Strong Mar. 19, 2011        Manhattan Mayhem New York, NY, USA 99 days     
Davey Richards Eddie Edwards Jun. 26, 2011        Best In The World New York, NY, USA 321 days     
Kevin Steen Davey Richards May 12, 2012        Border Wars Toronto, ON, Canada 328 days     
Jay Briscoe Kevin Steen Apr. 05, 2013        Supercard Of Honor New York, NY, USA 89 days     
** Title Vacated ** Jay Briscoe Jul. 03, 2013        -- -- 79 days     
Briscoe vacates the title due to injury.
Adam Cole Tournament Sep. 20, 2013        Death Before Dishonor Philadelphia, PA, USA 275 days     
Cole defeated Michael Elgin in the finals of a 16-man tournament for the vacant title. Also in the tournament were Mark Brisco, Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt, Tommaso Ciampa, Silas Young, Michael Bennett, B.J. Whitmer, Karl Anderson, ACH, Paul London, Matt Taven, Roderick Strong, Brian Kendrick and Kevin Steen
Michael Elgin Adam Cole Jun. 22, 2014        Best In The World Nashville, TN, USA 76 days     
Jay Briscoe (2) Michael Elgin Sep. 06, 2014        All-Star Extravaganza Toronto, ON, Canada 3 yrs, 195 days