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Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling
T.N.A. World Heavyweight
Heavyweight Championship
(May 13, 2007 - Present)
Won By: Won From:     Date: Event: Location: Length of         
Title Reign:         
Christian Cage -- May 13, 2007        -- -- 0 days     
N.W.A. Executive Director, Robert K. Trokich announces that the National Wrestling Alliance has ended its 5 year relationship with TNA Entertainment, LLC. As a result, Christian Cage is stripped of the N.W.A. World Heavyweight Championship. Cage is then awared the T.N.A. World Heavyweight Championship.
Kurt Angle 3-Way Match May 13, 2007        Sacrifice Orlando, FL, USA 154 days     
Angle makes Sting submit and at the same time, pins Christian Cage in a 3-way match for the championship.
Sting Kurt Angle Oct. 14, 2007        Bound For Glory Atlanta, GA, USA 11 days     
Kurt Angle (2) Sting Oct. 25, 2007        iMPACT! Orlando, FL, USA 171 days     
Samoa Joe Kurt Angle Apr. 13, 2008        Lockdown Lowell, MA, USA 182 days     
Sting (2) Samoa Joe Oct. 12, 2008        Bound For Glory Chicago, IL, USA 189 days     
Mick Foley Sting Apr. 19, 2009        Lockdown Phliadelphia, PA, USA 63 days     
Foley defeated Sting in a Six Sides of Steel Match.
Kurt Angle (3) King Of The Mountain Jun. 21, 2009        Slammiversary Auburn Hills, MI, USA 91 days     
Kurt Angle won a King Of The Mountain match after Samoa Joe handed the belt to Angle to win the match. The match also included the champion Mick Foley, the Legend's Champion A.J. Styles and Jeff Jarrett.
A.J. Styles 5-Way Match Sep. 20, 2009        No Surrender Orlando, FL, USA 211 days     
Styles pinned Kurt Angle in a 5-Way match that also included Hernandez, Matt Morgan and Sting.
Rob Van Dam A.J. Styles Apr. 19, 2010        iMPACT! Orlando, FL, USA 122 days     
** Title Vacated ** Rob Van Dam Aug. 19, 2010        iMPACT! Orlando, FL, USA 52 days     
R.V.D. vacated the title due to injury.
Jeff Hardy 3-Way Match Oct. 10, 2010        Bound For Glory Daytona Beach, FL, USA 91 days     
Hardy defeated Kurt Angle and Ken Anderson in a 3-Way Match for the vacant title. Another stipulation stated if Kurt Angle lost the match, he would have to retire.
Mr. Anderson Jeff Hardy Jan. 09, 2011        Genesis Orlando, FL, USA 35 days     
Jeff Hardy (2) Mr. Anderson Feb. 13, 2011        Against All Odds Orlando, FL, USA 18 days     
Sting (3) Jeff Hardy Mar. 03, 2011        TNA iMPACT! Orlando, FL, USA 101 days     
Mr. Anderson (2) Sting Jun. 12, 2011        Slammiversary Orlando, FL, USA 32 days     
Sting Mr. Anderson Jul. 14, 2011        Impact Wrestling Orlando, FL, USA 24 days     
Kurt Angle (5) Sting Aug. 07, 2011        Hardcore Justice Orlando, FL, USA 74 days     
James Storm Kurt Angle Oct. 20, 2011        Impact Wrestling Orlando, FL, USA 14 days     
Bobby Roode James Storm Nov. 03, 2011        Impact Wrestling Macon, GA, USA 248 days     
Austin Aries Bobby Roode Jul. 08, 2012        Destination X Orlando, FL, USA 98 days     
Jeff Hardy (3) Austin Aries Oct. 14, 2012        Bound For Glory Phoenix, AZ, USA 147 days     
Bully Ray Jeff Hardy Mar. 10, 2013        Lockdown San Antonio, TX, USA 130 days     
Chris Sabin Bully Ray Jul. 18, 2013        Destination X Louisville, KY, USA 28 days     
Bully Ray (2) Chris Sabin Aug. 15, 2013        Hardcore Justice Norfolk, VA, USA 66 days     
A.J. Styles Bully Ray Oct. 20, 2013        Bound For Glory San Diego, CA, USA 9 days     
** Title Vacated ** A.J. Styles Oct. 29, 2013        -- -- 35 days     
T.N.A. President Dixie Carter announced via Twitter that Styles had been stripped of the tile due to a contract dispute.
Magnus Tournament Dec. 03, 2013        Final Resolution Orlando, FL, USA 128 days     
Magnus defeated Jeff Hardy in a Dixieland Match finals of a tournament for the vacated title. Later that night, Magnus defeated A.J. Styles, whom still claimed to be champion, to unify the championship.
Eric Young Magnus Apr. 10, 2014        Impact Wrestling Orlando, FL, USA 70 days     
Bobby Lashley Eric Young Jun. 19, 2014        Impact Wrestling Orlando, FL, USA 91 days     
Bobby Roode (2) Bobby Lashley Sep. 18, 2014        Impact Wrestling Bethlehem, PA, USA 111 days     
Lashley (2) Bobby Roode Jan. 07, 2015        Impact Wrestling New York, NY, USA 72 days     
Kurt Angle (6) Lashley Mar. 20, 2015        Impact Wrestling London, England, UK 97 days     
Ethan Carter III Kurt Angle Jun. 25, 2015        Impact Wrestling Orlando, FL, USA 101 days     
Matt Hardy 3-Way Match Oct. 04, 2015        Bound For Glory Concord, NC, USA 2 days     
Hardy defeated Ethan Carter III and Drew Galloway in a Triple Threat match for the championship.
** Title Vacated ** Matt Hardy Oct. 06, 2015        -- -- 91 days     
Hardy vacated the title due to a legal injunction filed by Ethan Carter III as part of the storyline.
Ethan Carter III (2) World Title Series Jan. 05, 2016        Impact Wrestling Bethlehem, PA, USA 14 days     
Carter defeated Matt Hardy in the finals of a 2-part, 32-person series for the vacant title. The first part was a round-robin type tournament, with the top 2 of each group of 4 competitors qualifying for a single-elimination tournament. Other competitors in the tournament include Awesome Kong, Bobby Roode, Bram, Davey Richards, DJ Z, Drew Galloway, Eli Drake, Eric Young, Gail Kim, Jessie Godderz, Kenny King, Lashley, Mahabali Shera, and Tiger Uno.
Matt Hardy (2) Ethan Carter III Jan. 19, 2016        Impact Wrestling Bethlehem, PA, USA 56 days     
Drew Galloway Matt Hardy Mar. 15, 2016        Impact Wrestling Orlando, FL, USA 89 days     
Lashley (3) Drew Galloway Jun. 12, 2016        Slammiversary Orlando, FL, USA 1 yr, 318 days