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Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling
T.N.A. Knockout
Knockout Championship
(October 14, 2007 - Present)
Won By: Won From:     Date: Event: Location: Length of         
Title Reign:         
Gail Kim Gauntlet Match Oct. 14, 2007        Bound For Glory Atlanta, GA, USA 88 days     
Kim defeats Roxxi Laveaux in a 10-Women Gauntlet match to crown the new T.N.A. Knockout Champion. Others in the match included Ms. Brooks, Jackie Moore, Shelly Martinez, Awesome Kong, O.D.B., Christy Hemme, Angel Williams and Thalia Madison.
Awesome Kong Gail Kim Jan. 10, 2008        iMPACT! Orlando, FL, USA 182 days     
Taylor Wilde Awesome Kong Jul. 10, 2008        iMPACT! Orlando, FL, USA 105 days     
Awesome Kong (2) Taylor Wilde Oct. 23, 2008        iMPACT! Las Vegas, NV, USA 178 days     
Angelina Love 3-Way Match Apr. 19, 2009        Lockdown Phliadelphia, PA, USA 99 days     
Love pinned Taylor Wilde in a 3-Way Six Sides of Steel Match that also included the champion, Awesome Kong.
Tara Angelina Love Jul. 09, 2009        iMPACT! Orlando, FL, USA 8 days     
Angelina Love (2) Tara Jul. 19, 2009        Victory Road Orlando, FL, USA 28 days     
O.D.B. Angelina Love Aug. 16, 2009        Hardcore Justice Orlando, FL, USA 11 days     
O.D.B. won the title in a tag team match where she teamed with Cody Deaner to take on Love & Velvet Sky. The stipulation was if Love & Sky lost, Love would lose her title, no matter which team member was pinned.
** Title Vacated ** O.D.B. Aug. 27, 2009        iMPACT! Orlando, FL, USA 24 days     
Mick Foley, TNA Authority Figure, vacated the title after a protest from Cody Deaner, who claimed he was the rightful champion because he scored the pinfall to win the championship.
O.D.B. (2) Cody Deaner Sep. 20, 2009        Final Resolution Orlando, FL, USA 91 days     
Tara (2) O.D.B. Dec. 20, 2009        Final Resolution Orlando, FL, USA 15 days     
O.D.B. (3) Tara Jan. 04, 2010        iMPACT! Orlando, FL, USA 13 days     
Tara (3) O.D.B. Jan. 17, 2010        Genesis Orlando, FL, USA 78 days     
Tara won the title in a 2-out-of-3 Falls Match.
Angelina Love (3) Lockbox Match Apr. 05, 2010        iMPACT! Orlando, FL, USA 13 days     
Love won the title in a 8-Knockout Tag Team Elimination Match. Each winner of a pinfall in the match received a key to a box. After the match, the four winners, Tara, Daffney, Velvet Sky and Love, randomly opened a box with the title belt hidden in one of them.
Madison Rayne Angelina Love Apr. 18, 2010        Lockdown Saint Charles, MO, USA 84 days     
Madison won the title in a tag team match, with Velvet Sky, who are the current Knockout Tag Team Championship, against Love & Tara. The tag titles were also on the line and Love would lose her title if she was pinned by either opponent.
Angelina Love (4) Madison Rayne Jul. 11, 2010        Victory Road Orlando, FL, USA 11 days     
Love defeated Rayne via DQ in a Title vs. Career Match.
Madison Rayne (2) Angelina Love Jul. 22, 2010        iMPACT! Orlando, FL, USA 21 days     
Rayne was awarded the title after she threatened to sue T.N.A. Wrestling after losing the title via DQ at Victory Road.
Angelina Love (5) Madison Rayne Aug. 12, 2010        The Whole F'n Show Orlando, FL, USA 59 days     
Tara (4) Four-Corners Match Oct. 10, 2010        Bound For Glory Daytona Beach, FL, USA 4 days     
Tara pinned Velvet Sky in a Four-Corners Match that also involved the champion Love and Madison Rayne. Mickie James was special guest referee.
Madison Rayne (3) Tara Oct. 14, 2010        iMPACT! Orlando, FL, USA 185 days     
Mickie James Madison Rayne Apr. 17, 2011        Lockdown Cincinnati, OH, USA 112 days     
James defeated Rayne in a Title vs. Hair Steel Cage match.
Winter Mickie James Aug. 07, 2011        Hardcore Justice Orlando, FL, USA 25 days     
Mickie James (2) Winter Sep. 01, 2011        Impact Wrestling Orlando, FL, USA 10 days     
Winter (2) Mickie James Sep. 11, 2011        No Surrender Orlando, FL, USA 35 days     
Velvet Sky 4-Way Match Oct. 16, 2011        Bound For Glory Philadelphia, PA, USA 6 yrs, 192 days     
Sky pinned Madison Rayne in a 4-way match that also included the champion Winter and Mickie James. Karen Jarrett was special guest referee//