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Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling
T.N.A. Tag Team
Tag Team Championship
(May 13, 2007 - Present)
Won By: Won From:     Date: Event: Location: Length of         
Title Reign:         
Team 3-D:
Brother Devon & Brother Ray
-- May 13, 2007        -- Orlando, FL, USA 63 days     
N.W.A. Executive Director, Robert K. Trokich announces that the National Wrestling Alliance has ended its 5 year relationship with TNA Entertainment, LLC. As a result, Team 3-D is stripped of the N.W.A. World Tag Team Championships and awarded the T.N.A. World Tag Team Championship.
Samoa Joe Team 3-D Jul. 15, 2007        Victory Road Orlando, FL, USA 28 days     
Samoa Joe pinned Brother Devon in a match of champions for all three of the T.N.A. championships. After the win, Samoa Joe was allowed to chose his own partner.
Kurt Angle Samoa Joe Aug. 12, 2007        Hard Justice Orlando, FL, USA 18 days     
Kurt Angle defeated Samoa Joe in a Winner-Takes-All match. In doing so, Angle also won the X-Division Championship.
Kurt Angle (2) & Sting -- Aug. 30, 2007        iMPACT! Orlando, FL, USA 10 days     
Kurt Angle announces that his new partner to face "Pacman" Jones & Ron Killings at the No Surrender P.P.V. will be Sting.
Team Pacman:
Pacman Jones & Ron Killings
Angle & Sting Sep. 09, 2007        No Surrender Orlando, FL, USA 35 days     
A.J. Styles & Tomko Team Pacman Oct. 14, 2007        Bound For Glory Atlanta, GA, USA 186 days     
** Title Held-Up ** Styles & Tomko Apr. 17, 2008        -- Orlando, FL, USA 24 days     
The title is held-up after a 3-way match that included Kaz & Super Eric and The Latin American Xchange after Super Eric refuses to unmask at the request of T.N.A. Management Director Jim Cornette.
Latin American Exchange:
Homicide & Hotstuff Hernandez
Tournamnet May 11, 2008        Sacrifice Orlando, FL, USA 91 days     
The L.A.X. defeated Team 3-D (Brother Ray & Devon) in the finals of a Deuces Wild tournament for the vacant title. Other teams in the tournament included Sting & James Storm, Christian Cage & Rhino, Booker T & Robert Roode, Kip James & Matt Morgan, A.J. Styles & Super Eric, B.G. James & Awesome Kong.
Beer Money, Inc.:
James Storm & Robert Roode
L.A.X. Aug. 10, 2008        Hard Justice Trenton, NJ, USA 151 days     
Consequences Creed & Jay Lethal Beer Money, Inc. Jan. 08, 2009        iMPACT! Orlando, FL, USA 3 days     
Beer Money, Inc.:
James Storm (2) & Robert Roode (2)
Creed & Lethal Jan. 11, 2009        Genesis Charlotte, NC, USA 98 days     
Team 3-D:
Brother Devon (2) & Brother Ray (2)
Beer Money, Inc. Apr. 19, 2009        Lockdown Phliadelphia, PA, USA 63 days     
Team 3-D defeated Beer Money, Inc. in a Philly Street Fight match that also took place in the Six Sides of Steel.
Beer Money, Inc.:
James Storm (3) & Robert Roode (3)
Team 3-D Jun. 21, 2009        Slammiversary Auburn Hills, MI, USA 28 days     
The Main Event Mafia:
Booker T & Scott Steiner
Beer Money, Inc. Jul. 19, 2009        Victory Road Orlando, FL, USA 91 days     
The British Invasion:
Brutus Magnus & Doug Williams
Main Event Mafia Oct. 18, 2009        Bound For Glory Irvine, CA, USA 91 days     
Magnus and Williams won the titles in a 4-Team Full Metal Mayhem match which also included the champions Booker T & Scott Steiner, IWGP Tag Team Champions James Storm & Robert Roode, and Team 3-D (Bubba Ray & Devon). Both championships were on the line, the team to grab a belt hung above the ring would win the title and continue until both title belts are taken. It could be possible for one team to win both titles, however, Team 3-D won the IWGP championship first.
Hernandez (2) &
Matt Morgan
British Invasion Jan. 17, 2010        Genesis Orlando, FL, USA 78 days     
Matt Morgan Hernandez & Morgan Apr. 05, 2010        iMPACT! Orlando, FL, USA 116 days     
Morgan declared himself sole champion after attacking and injuring his partner Hernandez.
The Band:
Eric Young (2) & Kevin Nash &
Scott Hall
Matt Morgan May 13, 2010        iMPACT! Orlando, FL, USA 35 days     
Nash cashed in his Feast or Fired contract, choosing Hall as his partner, to challenge Morgan for the tag team title. Young was also recognized as champion and they defend the title under the Freebird Rule, which allows any 2 of the 3 partners to compete and defend the titles.
** Title Vacated ** The Band Jun. 17, 2010        iMPACT! Orlando, FL, USA 24 days     
The Band was stripped of the titles due to Scott Hall`s legal troubles.
The Motor City Machine Guns:
Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin
Beer Money, Inc. Jul. 11, 2010        Victory Road Orlando, FL, USA 182 days     
Beer Money, Inc.:
James Storm (4) & Bobby Roode (4)
M.C.M.G. Jan. 09, 2011        Genesis Orlando, FL, USA 221 days     
Mexican American:
Anarquia & Hernandez (3)
Beer Money, Inc. Aug. 18, 2011        Impact Wrestling Orlando, FL, USA 6 yrs, 217 days