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World Championship Wrestling
W.C.W. U.S. Heavyweight
United States Heavyweight Championship
(December 16, 1990 - November 18, 2001)
Won By: Won From:     Date: Event: Location: Length of         
Title Reign:         
Lex Luger (4) Stan Hansen Dec. 16, 1990        StarrCade St. Louis, MO, USA 210 days     
** Title Vacated ** Lex Luger Jul. 14, 1991        -- -- 42 days     
Luger vacates the title after winning the W.C.W. World Heavyweight Championship.
Sting Tournament Aug. 25, 1991        -- Atlanta, GA, USA 86 days     
Sting defeated Steve Austin in the finals of a 11-man tournament for the championship.
Rick Rude Sting Nov. 19, 1991        Clash Of The Champions Savannah, GA, USA 1 yr, 13 days     
** Title Vacated ** Rick Rude Dec. 01, 1992        -- -- 46 days     
Rude vacates the title due to injury.
Dustin Rhodes Tournament Jan. 16, 1993        Saturday Night Atlanta, GA, USA 119 days     
Dustin Rhodes defeated Ricky Steamboat in a 8-man tournament final to win the title.
** Title Held Up ** Dustin Rhodes May 15, 1993        -- -- 107 days     
The title was held up after a controversial match between Rhodes and Rick Rude.
Dustin Rhodes (2) Rick Rude Aug. 30, 1993        -- Atlanta, GA, USA 119 days     
Rhodes defeats Rick Rude to regain the championship.
Steve Austin Dustin Rhodes Dec. 27, 1993        StarrCade Charlotte, NC, USA 240 days     
Ricky Steamboat (4) Steve Austin Aug. 24, 1994        Clash Of The Champions Cedar Rapids, IA, USA 25 days     
Steve Austin (2) Ricky Steamboat Sep. 18, 1994        Fall Brawl Roanoke, VA, USA 0 days     
Austin is awarded the title due to an injury which prevents Ricky Steamboat from competing in the match.
Jim Duggan Steve Austin Sep. 18, 1994        Fall Brawl Roanoke, VA, USA 100 days     
Vader Jim Duggan Dec. 27, 1994        StarrCade Nashville, TN, USA 117 days     
** Title Vacated ** Vader Apr. 23, 1995        -- -- 56 days     
Vader was stripped of the title by commissioner Nick Bockwinkle.
Sting (2) Tournament Jun. 18, 1995        Great American Bash Dayton, OH, USA 148 days     
Sting defeated Meng in a semi-final match to win the title due to the other semi-final match resulting in a no contest. Other participants in the 16-man tournament included Alex Wright, Arn Anderson, Big Bubba Rogers, Brian Pillman, The Butcher, Bunkhouse, Jim Duggan, Johnny B Badd, Markus Bagwell, The Patriot, Paul Orndorff, Randy Savage, Ric Flair & Steve Austin
Kensuke Sasake Sting Nov. 13, 1995        -- Tokyo, Kantō, Japan 44 days     
One Man Gang Kensuke Sasaki Dec. 27, 1995        StarrCade Nashville, TN, USA 33 days     
One Man Gang is awarded the title after Sasaki vacated the title.
Konnan One Man Gang Jan. 29, 1996        Monday Nitro Canton, OH, USA 160 days     
Ric Flair (6) Konnan Jul. 07, 1996        Bash At The Beach Daytona Beach, FL, USA 141 days     
** Title Vacated ** Ric Flair Nov. 25, 1996        -- -- 34 days     
Flair vacates the title due to injury.
Eddie Guerrero Tournament Dec. 29, 1996        StarrCade Nashville, TN, USA 77 days     
Guerrero defeated Diamond Dallas Page in the final round of a 8-man tournament for the vacant title.
Dean Malenko Eddie Guerrero Mar. 16, 1997        Uncensored Charleston, SC, USA 85 days     
Jeff Jarrett Dean Malenko Jun. 09, 1997        Monday Nitro Boston, MA, USA 73 days     
Steve McMichael Jeff Jarrett Aug. 21, 1997        Clash Of The Champions Nashville, TN, USA 25 days     
Curt Hennig Steve McMichael Sep. 15, 1997        Monday Nitro Charlotte, NC, USA 104 days     
Diamond Dallas Page Curt Hennig Dec. 28, 1997        StarrCade Washington, DC, USA 112 days     
Raven Diamond Dallas Page Apr. 19, 1998        Spring Stampede Denver, CO, USA 1 day     
Bill Goldberg Raven Apr. 20, 1998        Monday Nitro Colorado Springs, CO, USA 77 days     
** Title Vacated ** Bill Goldberg Jul. 06, 1998        Monday Nitro Atlanta, GA, USA 14 days     
Goldberg vactates the title after winning the W.C.W. World Heavyweight Championship from Hulk Hugan.
Bret Hart Diamond Dallas Page Jul. 20, 1998        Monday Nitro Salt Lake City, UT, USA 21 days     
Hart defeats Diamond Dallas Page in a match for the vacant title.
Lex Luger (5) Bret Hart Aug. 10, 1998        Monday Nitro Rapid City, SD, USA 3 days     
Bret Hart (2) Lex Luger Aug. 13, 1998        Thunder Fargo, NC, USA 74 days     
Diamond Dallas Page (2) Bret Hart Oct. 26, 1998        Monday Nitro Phoenix, AZ, USA 35 days     
Bret Hart (3) Diamond Dallas Page Nov. 30, 1998        Monday Nitro Chattanooga, TN, USA 70 days     
Roddy Piper (3) Bret Hart Feb. 08, 1999        Monday Nitro Buffalo, NY, USA 13 days     
Scott Hall Roddy Piper Feb. 21, 1999        SuperBrawl Oakland, CA, USA 25 days     
** Title Vacated ** Scott Hall Mar. 18, 1999        Thunder -- 24 days     
Hall vacates the title due to injury.
Scott Steiner Tournament Apr. 11, 1999        Spring Stampede Tacoma, WA, USA 85 days     
Steiner defeats Booker T in the finals of an 8-man tournament for the vacant title.
David Flair Scott Steiner Jul. 05, 1999        Monday Nitro Atlanta, GA, USA 35 days     
Steiner was stripped of the title by W.C.W. President Ric Flair and awarded to David Flair.
Chris Benoit David Flair Aug. 09, 1999        Monday Nitro Nampa, ID, USA 34 days     
Sid Vicious Chris Benoit Sep. 12, 1999        Fall Brawl Winston-Salem, NC, USA 42 days     
Bill Goldberg (2) Sid Vicious Oct. 24, 1999        Halloween Havoc Las Vegas, NV, USA 1 day     
Bret Hart (4) Bill Goldberg Oct. 25, 1999        Monday Nitro Phoenix, AZ, USA 7 days     
** Title Vacated ** Bret Hart Nov. 01, 1999        Monday Nitro -- 7 days     
Scott Hall (2) 4-Way Ladder Match Nov. 08, 1999        Monday Nitro Indianapolis, IN, USA 41 days     
Hall defeated Bret Hart, Bill Goldberg and Sid Vicious in a Texas Tornado Ladder Match to win the vacated title.
** Title Vacated ** Scott Hall Dec. 19, 1999        StarrCade Washington, DC, USA 0 days     
Chris Benoit (2) Ladder Match Dec. 19, 1999        StarrCade Washington, DC, USA 1 day     
Benoit defeated Jeff Jarrett in a ladder match for the vacated title.
Jeff Jarrett (2) Chris Benoit Dec. 20, 1999        Monday Nitro Baltimore, MD, USA 27 days     
** Title Vacated ** Jeff Jarrett Jan. 16, 2000        Souled Out Cincinnati, OH, USA 1 day     
Jarrett vacates the title due to injury.
Jeff Jarrett (3) -- Jan. 17, 2000        Monday Nitro Columbus, OH, USA 84 days     
Jarrett is awarded back the title by Commissioner Kevin Nash after Jarrett is cleared medically to wrestle.
** Title Vacated ** Jeff Jarrett Apr. 10, 2000        Monday Nitro Denver, CO, USA 6 days     
Title declared vacant by W.C.W. Executives Eric Bishoff and Vince Russo.
Scott Steiner (2) Tournament Apr. 16, 2000        Spring Stampede Chicago, IL, USA 84 days     
Steiner defeated Sting in finals of an 8-man tournament for the vacant title. Other participants in the tournament included Billy Kidman, Booker T, Ernest Miller,, Mike Awesome, Vampiro and The Wall.
** Title Vacated ** Scott Steiner Jul. 09, 2000        Bash At The Beach Daytona Beach, FL, USA 9 days     
Lance Storm Tournament Jul. 18, 2000        Monday Nitro Auburn Hills, MI, USA 66 days     
Storm defeated Mike Awesome in the finals of an 8-man tournament for the vacant title.
Terry Funk (2) Lance Storm Sep. 22, 2000        House Show Amarillo, TX, USA 1 day     
Lance Storm (2) Terry Funk Sep. 23, 2000        House Show Lubbock, TX, USA 36 days     
General Rection Handicap Match Oct. 29, 2000        Halloween Havoc Las Vegas, NV, USA 15 days     
General Rection pins Hacksaw Jim Duggan in a Handicap match against Duggan & Storm.
Lance Storm (3) General Rection Nov. 13, 2000        Monday Nitro London, England 13 days     
General Rection (2) Lance Storm Nov. 26, 2000        Mayhem Milwaukee, WI, USA 49 days     
Shane Douglas General Rection Jan. 14, 2001        Sin Indianapolis, IN, USA 22 days     
Rick Steiner Shane Douglas Feb. 05, 2001        Monday Nitro Tupelo, MS, USA 41 days     
Booker T Rick Steiner Mar. 18, 2001        Greed Jacksonville, FL, USA 130 days     
Chris Kanyon Booker T Jul. 26, 2001        Smackdown Pittsburgh, PA, USA 46 days     
Kanyon was awarded the title by Booker T after he won the W.C.W. Heavyweight Title and W.C.W. was acquired by The W.W.F.
Yoshihiro Tajiri Chris Kanyon Sep. 10, 2001        Monday Night Raw San Antonio, TX, USA 13 days     
Rhyno Yoshihiro Tajiri Sep. 23, 2001        Unforgiven Pittsburgh, PA, USA 29 days     
Kurt Angle Rhyno Oct. 22, 2001        Monday Night Raw Kansas City, MO, USA 21 days     
Edge Kurt Angle Nov. 12, 2001        Monday Night Raw Boston, MA, USA 6 days     
Edge defeats W.W.F. Intercontinental Champion Test on November 18 in Greensboro, NC, to unify the titles.