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World Championship Wrestling Association
World Six-Man Tag Team Championship
(February 1986 - Late 1988)
Won By: Won From:     Date: Event: Location: Length of         
Title Reign:         
In February of 1986, W.C.C.W. seperates from the N.W.A. and retains control of the World Six-Man Tag Team Championship.
The Von Erichs:
Kerry & Kevin &
Fabulous Freebirds May 04, 1986        Parade Of Champions Irving, TX, USA 61 days     
Steve Simpson subbed for an injured Kevin in the lumberjacks with straps elimination match for the titles. The order of elimination is as follows: Terry Gordy pinned Kerry Von Erich, Steve Simpson pinned Michael Hayes, Buddy Roberts pinned Steve Simpson, Lance Von erich elimination Terry Gordy over the top rope and then Lance pinned Buddy Roberts to win the match
The Von Erichs:
Kevin (20) & Lance (2) &
-- Jul. 04, 1986        -- -- 282 days     
Mike returns from an illness to replece Kevin who was injured in a motorcycle accident on June 4, 1986.
** Title Vacated ** The Von Erichs Apr. 12, 1987        -- -- 257 days     
The titles are vacated after the death of Mike Von Erich on April 12, 1987.
Chris Adams & Kevin Von Erich (3) &
Steve Simpson
The Freebirds Dec. 25, 1987        Holiday Star Wars Dallas, TX, USA 10 days     
Adams, Von Erich & Simpson defeated the Freebirds (Buddy Roberts, King Parsons & Terry Gordy) for the vacant titles.
The Freebirds:
Buddy Roberts & King Parsons &
Terry Gordy
Adams/Borne/Simpson Jan. 04, 1988        -- Dallas, TX, USA 186 days     
Matt Borne substituted for Kevin Von Erich.
Kerry Von Erich (2) & Kevin Von Erich (4) &
Michael Hayes
The Freebirds Jul. 08, 1988        -- Dallas, TX, USA 160 days     
Kimala substituted for Terry Gordy.
The title was abandoned by the end of 1988, date unknown.