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World Class Wrestling Association
W.C.W.A. World Heavyweight
World Heavyweight Championship
(February 20, 1986 - April 14, 1989)
Won By: Won From:     Date: Event: Location: Length of         
Title Reign:         
Rick Rude -- Feb. 20, 1986        -- -- 134 days     
Rick Rude, the reigning N.W.A. American Heavyweight Champion, is named the first W.C.W.A. World Heavyweight Champion after World Class Championship Wrestling separates from N.W.A.
Chris Adams Rick Rude Jul. 04, 1986        -- Dallas, TX, USA 73 days     
Black Bart Chris Adams Sep. 15, 1986        -- Los Angeles, CA, USA 27 days     
Kevin Von Erich Black Bart Oct. 12, 1986        Cotton Bowl Dallas, TX, USA 313 days     
Al Perez Kevin Von Erich Aug. 21, 1987        -- Dallas, TX, USA 198 days     
Perez wins the title via forfeit when Von Erich is unable to compete due to injury.
Kerry Von Erich Al Perez Mar. 06, 1988        -- Dallas, TX, USA 19 days     
Iceman King Parsons Kerry Von Erich Mar. 25, 1988        -- Dallas, TX, USA 44 days     
Kerry Von Erich (2) Iceman Parsons May 08, 1988        Parade Of Champions Irving, TX, USA 168 days     
Jerry Lawler Kerry Von Erich Oct. 23, 1988        -- Memphis, TN, USA 12 days     
Kerry Von Erich (3) Jerry Lawler Nov. 04, 1988        -- Dallas, TX, USA 35 days     
Tatsumi Fujinami Kerry Von Erich Dec. 09, 1988        -- Tokyo, Kantō, Japan 1 day     
Fujinami wins the title via forfeit when the referee declares Von Erich unable to continue due to excessive bleeding.
Kerry Von Erich (4) Tatsumi Fujinami Dec. 10, 1988        -- -- 3 days     
Fujinami returns the championship to Von Erich due to his unsatisfaction with the result of the previous nights match.
Jerry Lawler (2) Kerry Von Erich Dec. 13, 1988        SuperClash Chicago, IL, USA 113 days     
Lawler is also the reigning A.W.A. World Heavyweight Champion and starts defending the titles as the Unified World Heavyweight Championship. However, Lawler is stripped of the A.W.A. title when C.W.A. seperates from A.W.A in January of 1989. The title is still defended as the Unified Heavyweight Championship in U.S.W.A.