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World Wrestling Entertainment
W.W.E. Cruiserweight
Cruiserweight Championship
(July 05, 2001 - March 2008)
Won By: Won From:     Date: Event: Location: Length of         
Title Reign:         
Billy Kidman Shane Helms Jul. 05, 2001        Smackdown Tacoma, WA, USA 25 days     
X-Pac Billy Kidman Jul. 30, 2001        Monday Night Raw Philadelphia, PA, USA 73 days     
Billy Kidman (2) X-pac Oct. 11, 2001        Smackdown Moline, IL, USA 11 days     
Tajiri Billy Kidman Oct. 22, 2001        Monday Night Raw Kansas City, MO, USA 164 days     
Billy Kidman (3) Tajiri Apr. 04, 2002        Smackdown Rochester, NY, USA 17 days     
Tajiri (2) Billy Kidman Apr. 21, 2002        Backlash Kansas City, MO, USA 25 days     
The Hurricane Tajiri May 16, 2002        Smackdown Montreal, PQ, Canada 38 days     
Jamie Noble The Hurricane Jun. 23, 2002        King Of The Ring Columbus, OH, USA 147 days     
Billy Kidman (4) Jamie Noble Nov. 17, 2002        Survivor Series New York, NY, USA 98 days     
Matt Hardy Billy Kidman Feb. 23, 2003        No Way Out Montreal, PQ, Canada 102 days     
Rey Mysterio Matt Hardy Jun. 05, 2003        Smackdown Anaheim, CA, USA 112 days     
Tajiri (2) Rey Mysterio Sep. 25, 2003        Smackdown Philadelphia, PA, USA 98 days     
Rey Mysterio (2) Tajiri Jan. 01, 2004        Smackdown Laredo, TX, USA 45 days     
Chavo Guerrero Rey Mysterio Feb. 15, 2004        No Way Out San Francisco, CA, USA 81 days     
Jacqueline Chavo Guerrero May 06, 2004        Smackdown Tucson, AR, USA 10 days     
Chavo Guerrero (2) Jacqueline May 16, 2004        Judgment Day Los Angeles, CA, USA 4 days     
Chavo Guerrero, Sr. Triple Threat May 20, 2004        Smackdown Las Vegas, NV, USA 28 days     
Chavo Guerrero, Sr. pins Chavo Guerrero in a triple threat match that also involved Spike Dudley.
Rey Mysterio (3) Chavo Classic Jun. 17, 2004        Smackdown Chicago, IL, USA 42 days     
Spike Dudley Rey Mysterio Jul. 29, 2004        Smackdown Cincinnati, OH, USA 136 days     
Funaki Spike Dudley Dec. 12, 2004        Armageddon Atlanta, GA, USA 70 days     
Chavo Guerrero (3) 6-Man Elim. Match Feb. 20, 2005        No Way Out Pittsburgh, PA, USA 39 days     
Paul London 8-Man Battle Royal Mar. 31, 2005        Smackdown Houston, TX, USA 128 days     
London won the championship in an 8-man Battle Royal after eliminating Billy Kidman. The match also included, Akio, Chavo Guerrero, Funaki, Nunzio, Scotty 2 Hotty and Spike Dudley.
Nunzio Paul London Aug. 06, 2005        Velocity Bridgeport, CT, USA 64 days     
Juventud Nunzio Oct. 09, 2005        No Mercy Houston, TX, USA 37 days     
Nunzio (2) Juventud Nov. 15, 2005        House Show Rome, Italy 10 days     
Juventud (2) Nunzio Nov. 25, 2005        Smackdown Sheffield, England 23 days     
Kid Kash Juventud Dec. 18, 2005        Armageddon Providence, RI, USA 42 days     
Gregory Helms (2) Open Invitational Match Jan. 29, 2006        Royal Rumble Miami, FL, USA 1 yr, 20 days     
Gregory Helms pinned Funaki in a open invitational match for the Cruiserweight Championship. The match also included the champion, Kid Kash, Jamie Noble, Nunzio and Paul London.
Chavo Guerrero (4) Cruiserweight Open Match Feb. 18, 2007        No Way Out Los Angeles, CA, USA 154 days     
Chavo Guerrero pinned Jimmy Wang Yang in an Cruiserweight open match for the championship. The match also included the champion Gregory Helms, Funaki, Scotty 2 Hotty and Shannon Moore.
Hornswoggle Cruiserweight Open Jul. 22, 2007        Great American Bash San Jose, CA, USA 69 days     
Hornswoggle pinned Jamie Noble in a Cruiserweight Open match for the title. Also in the match were the champion Chavo Guerrero, Jimmg Wang Yang, Funaki and Shannon Moore.
** Title Vacated ** Hornswoggle Sep. 29, 2007        Smackdown Indianapolis, IN, USA 154 days     
Hornswoggle abdicated the Cruiserweight Championship on the advice of acting General Manager Vickie Guerrero.
The title is retired in March of 2008.
World Wrestling Entertainment
W.W.E. Cruiserweight
Cruiserweight Championship (Raw Brand)
(September 14, 2016 - Present)

Won By: Won From:     Date: Event: Location: Length of         
Title Reign:         
T.J. Perkins Tournament Sep. 14, 2016        Cruiserweight Classic Winter Park, FL, USA 46 days     
Perkins defeated Gran Metalik in the finals of a 32-man tournament to crown a Cruiserweight Classic winner, and as revealed on the night of the finals, a new Cruiserweight Champion. The tournament also included Akira Tozawa, Alejandro Saez, Anthony Bennett, Ariya Daivari, Brian Kendrick, Cedric Alexander, Clement Petiot, Da Mack, Damien Slater, Drew Gulak, Fabian Aichner, Gurv Sihra, Harv Sihra, Ho Ho Lun, Jack Gallagher, Jason Lee, Johnny Gargano, Kenneth Johnson, Kota Ibushi, Line Dorado, Mustafa Ali, Noam Dar, Raul Mendoza, Rich Swann, Sean Maluta, Tajir, Tommaso Ciampa, Tony Nese, Tyson Dux, and Zack Sabre, Jr.
Brian Kendrick T.J. Perkins Oct. 30, 2016        Hell In A Cell Boston, MA, USA 30 days     
Rich Swann Brian Kendrick Nov. 29, 2016        205 Live Columbia, SC, USA 61 days     
Neville Rich Swann Jan. 29, 2017        Royal Rumble San Antonio, TX, USA 197 days     
Akira Tozawa Neville Aug. 14, 2017        Monday Night Raw Boston, MA, USA 6 days     
Neville (2) Akira Tozawa Aug. 20, 2017        Summerslam Brooklyn, NY, USA 35 days     
Enzo Amore Neville Sep. 24, 2017        No Mercy Los Angeles, CA, USA 15 days     
Kalisto Enzo Amore Oct. 09, 2017        Monday Night Raw Indianapolis, IN, USA 13 days     
Enzo Amore (2) Kalisto Oct. 22, 2017        T.L.C. Minneapolis, MN, USA 93 days     
** Title Vacated ** Enzo Amore Jan. 23, 2018        -- -- 75 days     
The title was vacated after the release of Eric Arndt (Enzo Amore) from his W.W.E. contract.
Cedric Alexander Tournament Apr. 08, 2018        Wrestlemania New Orleans, LA, USA 14 days     
Alexander defeated Mustafa Ali in the finals of a tournament for the vacant title.