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World Wrestling Entertainment
W.W.E. E.C.W. Heavyweight
Extreme Championship Wrestling
Heavyweight Championship
(June 13, 2006 - Present)
Won By: Won From:     Date: Event: Location: Length of         
Title Reign:         
Rob Van Dam -- Jun. 13, 2006        E.C.W. on Sci-Fi Trenton, NJ, USA 21 days     
After the revival of E.C.W. and defeating John Cena for the W.W.E. World Championship at E.C.W. One Night Stand, Rob Van Dam is awarded the E.C.W. Heavyweight Championship by Paul Heyman.
Big Show Rob Van Dam Jul. 04, 2006        E.C.W. on Sci-Fi Philadelphia, PA, USA 152 days     
Bobby Lashley Elimination Chamber Dec. 03, 2006        Dec. To Dismember Augusta, GA, USA 147 days     
Lashley defeated Big Show in an Extreme Elimination Chamber match to win the title. The match aslo included C.M. Punk, Hardcore Holly, Rob Van Dam & Test.
Mr. McMahon Bobby Lashley Apr. 29, 2007        Backlash Atlanta, GA, USA 35 days     
Mr. McMahon pinned Lashley in a 3 on 1 match which also included Shane McMahon and Umaga.
Bobby Lashley (2) Mr. McMahon Jun. 03, 2007        One Night Stand Jacksonville, FL, USA 8 days     
** Title Vacated ** Bobby Lashley Jun. 11, 2007        Monday Night Raw Wilkes-Barre, PA, USA 13 days     
Lashley vacates the title after being drafted to the Raw brand in the W.W.E. Draft.
John Morrison C.M. Punk Jun. 24, 2007        Vengeance Houston, TX, USA 69 days     
John Morrison (aka Johnny Nitro) replaced Chris Benoit in a match against C.M. Punk for the vacant E.C.W. Championship.
C.M. Punk John Morrison Sep. 01, 2007        E.C.W. on Sci-Fi Cincinnati, OH, USA 143 days     
Chavo Guerrero C.M. Punk Jan. 22, 2008        E.C.W. on Sci-Fi Charlottesville, VA, USA 68 days     
Kane Chavo Guerrero Mar. 30, 2008        Wrestlemania Orlando, FL, USA 91 days     
Kane won a 24-man battle royal earlier in the night to face Guerrero for the E.C.W. Championship.
Mark Henry 3-Way Match Jun. 29, 2008        Night Of Champions Dallas, TX, USA 70 days     
Henry pinned Kane in a Triple Threat Match that also involved Big Show.
Matt Hardy Championship Scramble Sep. 07, 2008        Unforgiven Cleveland, OH, USA 128 days     
Hardy won a Championship Scramble match in which the last participant to score a pinfall in the 15 minute time frame would win or retain the title. Hardy last pinned The Miz to win the match. Also in the match was the champion Chavo Guerrero, Finlay and Mark Henry.
Jack Swagger Matt Hardy Jan. 13, 2009        E.C.W. on Sci-Fi Sioux City, IA, USA 103 days     
Christian Jack Swagger Apr. 26, 2009        Backlash Providence, RI, USA 42 days     
Tommy Dreamer Triple Threat Match Jun. 07, 2009        Extreme Rules New Orleans, LA, USA 49 days     
Dreamer pinned Jack Swagger in a Triple Threat Hardcore Rules match that also included the champion Christian.
Christian (2) Tommy Dreamer Jul. 26, 2009        Night Of Champions Philadelphia, PA, USA 204 days     
Ezekiel Jackson Christian Feb. 15, 2010        E.C.W. on SyFy Kansas City, MO, USA 0 days     
** Title Retired ** Ezekiel Jackson Feb. 15, 2010        -- -- 8 yrs, 36 days     
Ezekiel was declared the last champion on the last episode of E.C.W. on SyFy and the title is retired.