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World Wrestling Entertainment
W.W.E. European
European Championship
(February 26, 1997 - July 22, 2002)
Won By: Won From:     Date: Event: Location: Length of         
Title Reign:         
Davey Boy Smith Tournament Mar. 03, 1997        Monday Night Raw Berlin, Germany 201 days     
The British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith won the title after defeating Owen Hart in the final of an 8-man tournament. The tournament also included Bret "The Hitman" Hart, Hunter Hearst Hemsley, Flash Funk, Mankind, Rocky Maiva and Vader.
Shawn Michaels Davey Boy Smith Sep. 20, 1997        One Night Only Birmingham, England 93 days     
Hunter Hearst Helmsley Shawn Michaels Dec. 22, 1997        Monday Night Raw Lowell, MA, USA 37 days     
Owen Hart Goldust Jan. 28, 1998        Monday Night Raw Davis, CA, USA 47 days     
Although Goldust impersonated Hunter Hearst Hemsley for this match, Commissioner Sgt. Slaughter allowed the title change to stand.
Hunter Hearst Helmsley Owen Hart Mar. 16, 1998        Monday Night Raw Phoenix, AZ, USA 126 days     
D-Lo Brown Hunter Hearst Helmsley Jul. 20, 1998        Monday Night Raw Binghamton, NY, USA 63 days     
X-Pac D'Lo Brown Sep. 21, 1998        Monday Night Raw Sacramento, CA, USA 14 days     
D-Lo Brown (2) X-Pac Oct. 05, 1998        Monday Night Raw East Lansing, MI, USA 13 days     
X-Pac (2) D'Lo Brown Oct. 18, 1998        Judgment Day Rosemont, IL, USA 120 days     
Shane McMahon X-Pac Feb. 15, 1999        Monday Night Raw Birmingham, AL, USA 48 days     
** Title Retired ** Shane McMahon Apr. 04, 1999        Sunday Night Heat -- 78 days     
Shane McMahon retires the European Championship stating that there is no one in the company who could beat him for the belt.
Mideon -- Jun. 21, 1999        Monday Night Raw Memphis, TN, USA 34 days     
Shane McMahon awards the belt to Mideon after he asked Shane to borrow the belt. Mideon asks Shane to reactivate the championship so he could bring new life back into the belt.
D-Lo Brown (3) Mideon Jul. 25, 1999        Fully Loaded Buffalo, NY, USA 28 days     
Jeff Jarrett D-Lo Brown Aug. 22, 1999        Summerslam Minneapolis, MN, USA 1 day     
Mark Henry Jeff Jarrett Aug. 23, 1999        Monday Night Raw Ames, IA, USA 34 days     
Jeff Jarrett awards Mark Henry the European Championship as thanks for helping him win both the Intercontinental and European Championship the previous night at Summerslam.
D-Lo Brown (4) Jeff Jarrett Sep. 26, 1999        Unforgiven Charlotte, NC, USA 30 days     
British Bulldog (2) D-Lo Brown Oct. 26, 1999        Smackdown Springfield, MA, USA 47 days     
Val Venis Triple Threat Match Dec. 12, 1999        Armaggedon Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA 60 days     
Val Venis defeated the Champion, British Bulldog and D-Lo Brown in a triple threat match for the European Championship.
Kurt Angle Val Venis Feb. 10, 2000        Smackdown Austin, TX, USA 52 days     
Chris Jericho Triple Threat Match Apr. 02, 2000        Wrestlemania Anaheim, CA, USA 1 day     
This was a Two Falls, Triple Threat match that also involved Chris Benoit. This match was for the Intercontinental and European Championships, both of which were held by Kurt Angle before the match. The first fall was for the Intercontinental Championship, the second fall was for the European Championship. Chris Jericho pinned Chris Benoit to win the European Championship.
Eddie Guerrero Chris Jericho Apr. 03, 2000        Monday Night Raw Los Angeles, CA, USA 111 days     
Perry Saturn Eddie Guerrero Jul. 23, 2000        Fully Loaded Dallas, TX, USA 39 days     
Al Snow Perry Saturn Aug. 31, 2000        Smackdown Fayetteville, NC, USA 46 days     
William Regal Al Snow Oct. 16, 2000        Monday Night Raw Detroit, MI, USA 47 days     
Crash Holly William Regal Dec. 02, 2000        Rebellion Sheffield, England 2 days     
William Regal (2) Crash Holly Dec. 04, 2000        Monday Night Raw Meadowland, NJ, USA 49 days     
Test William Regal Jan. 22, 2001        Monday Night Raw Lafayette, LA, USA 69 days     
Eddie Guerrero (2) Test Apr. 01, 2001        Wrestlemania Houston, TX, USA 25 days     
Matt Hardy Eddie Guerrero Apr. 26, 2001        Smackdown Denver, CO, USA 123 days     
The Hurricane Matt Hardy Aug. 27, 2001        Monday Night Raw Grand Rapids, MI, USA 56 days     
Bradshaw The Hurricane Oct. 22, 2001        Monday Night Raw Kansas City, MO, USA 10 days     
Christian Bradshaw Nov. 01, 2001        Smackdown Cincinnati, OH, USA 91 days     
Diamond Dallas Page Christian Jan. 31, 2002        Smackdown Norfolk, VA, USA 49 days     
William Regal (3) Diamond Dallas Page Mar. 21, 2002        Smackdown Ottawa, ON, Canada 18 days     
Spike Dudley William Regal Apr. 08, 2002        Monday Night Raw Pheonix, AR, USA 28 days     
William Regal (4) Spike Dudley May 06, 2002        Monday Night Raw Hartford, CT, USA 63 days     
Jeff Hardy William Regal Jul. 08, 2002        Monday Night Raw Philadelphia, PA, USA 14 days     
Rob Van Dam Jeff Hardy Jul. 22, 2002        House Show Grand Rapids, MI, USA 0 days     
The Intercontinental and European championships were unified in a match between the two champions, Jeff Hardy and Intercontinental Champion Rob Van Dam. Van Dam won the match to unify the titles.