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World Wrestling Entertainment
W.W.E. Intercontinental
Intercontinental Championship
(September 1, 1979 - Present)
Won By: Won From:     Date: Event: Location: Length of         
Title Reign:         
Pat Patterson -- Sep. 01, 1979        -- Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil 233 days     
Awarded by the W.W.F. after they changed their name from the World Wide Wrestling Federation and phased out their North American Title. The title was won by Patterson in a fictiuous tournament apparentley held in Rio de Janeiro. This is the same way the W.W.W.F. first awarded their World Title Championship in 1963.
Ken Patera Pat Patterson Apr. 21, 1980        -- New York, NY, USA 231 days     
Pedro Morales Ken Patera Dec. 08, 1980        -- New York, NY, USA 194 days     
Don Muraco Pedro Morales Jun. 20, 1981        -- Philadelphia, PA, USA 156 days     
Pedro Morales (2) Don Muraco Nov. 23, 1981        -- New York, NY, USA 1 yr, 60 days     
Don Muraco (2) Pedro Morales Jan. 22, 1983        -- New York, NY, USA 1 yr, 20 days     
Tito Santana Don Muraco Feb. 11, 1984        -- Boston, MA, USA 226 days     
Greg Valentine Tito Sanatana Sep. 24, 1984        -- London, ON, Canada 285 days     
Tito Santana (2) Greg Valentine Jul. 06, 1985        -- Baltimore, MD, USA 217 days     
Randy Savage Tito Sanatana Feb. 08, 1986        -- Boston, MA, USA 1 yr, 49 days     
Ricky Steamboat Randy Savage Mar. 29, 1987        Wrestlemania Pontiac, MI, USA 65 days     
Honky Tonk Man Ricky Steamboat Jun. 02, 1987        -- Buffalo, NY, USA 1 yr, 89 days     
Ultimate Warrior Honky Tonk Man Aug. 29, 1988        Summerslam New York, NY, USA 216 days     
Rick Rude Ultimate Warrior Apr. 02, 1989        Wrestlemania Atlantic City, NJ, USA 148 days     
Ultimate Warrior (2) Rick Rude Aug. 28, 1989        Summerslam East Rutherford, NJ, USA 217 days     
** Title Vacated ** Ultimate Warrior Apr. 02, 1990        -- -- 21 days     
The Ultimate Warrior vacated the Intercontinental Championship after her won the Heavyweight Title at Wrestlemania VI.
Mr. Perfect Tournament Apr. 23, 1990        -- Austin, TX, USA 126 days     
Mr. Perfect won an 8 man tournament held for the Intercontinental Championship by beating Tito Santana in the fnal round. Also in the tournament were "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Rick "The Model" Martel, Dino Bravo, Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake and One Man Gang.
Texas Tornado Mr. Perfect Aug. 27, 1990        Summerslam Philadelphia, PA, USA 84 days     
Mr. Perfect (2) Texas Tornado Nov. 19, 1990        -- Rochester, NY, USA 280 days     
Bret Hart Mr. Perfect Aug. 26, 1991        Summerslam New York, NY, USA 144 days     
The Mountie Bret Hart Jan. 17, 1992        House Show Springfield, MA, USA 2 days     
Roddy Piper The Mountie Jan. 19, 1992        Royal Rumble Albany, NY, USA 77 days     
Bret Hart (2) Roddy Piper Apr. 05, 1992        Wrestlemania Indianapolis, IN, USA 146 days     
British Bulldog Bret Hart Aug. 29, 1992        Summerslam London, England 77 days     
Shawn Michaels British Bulldog Nov. 14, 1992        Sat. Night's Main Event Terre Haute, IN, USA 184 days     
Marty Janetty Shawn Michaels May 17, 1993        Monday Night Raw New York, NY, USA 20 days     
Shawn Michaels (2) Marty Janetty Jun. 06, 1993        House Show Albany, NY, USA 113 days     
** Title Vacated ** Shawn Michaels Sep. 27, 1993        Monday Night Raw -- 14 days     
W.W.F. President Jack Tunney suspends Shawn Michaels and strips him of the Intercontinental championship for refusing to defend the title. Tunney says there will be a 20-man royal rumble next week to determine the top two contenders for the title, who will then fight for the championship the week after.
Razor Ramon Rick Martel Oct. 11, 1993        Monday Night Raw New Haven, CT, USA 184 days     
Razor Ramon and Rick Martel were the two survivor participants in a 20-man royal rumble held the previous week. The rumble also included I.R.S., 1-2-3 Kid, M.V.P., Mr. Perfect, Diesel, Adam Bomb, Bam Bam Bigelow, "Macho Man" Randy Savage, Pierre Rogeau, Jacques Rogeau, Giant Gonzalez, Marty Jannetty, Bastion Booger, Owen Hart, Tatanka, Mabel, Bob Backlund and "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka. Razor Ramon beat Rick "The Model" Martel to win the Intercontinental title.
Diesel Razor Ramon Apr. 13, 1994        WWF Superstars Rochester, NY, USA 138 days     
Razor Ramon (2) Diesel Aug. 29, 1994        Summerslam Chicago, IL, USA 146 days     
Jeff Jarrett Razor Ramon Jan. 22, 1995        Royal Rumble Tampa, FL, USA 94 days     
** Title Held Up ** Jarrett & Holly Apr. 26, 1995        -- Moline, IL, USA 23 days     
Jeff Jarrett (2) Bob Holly Apr. 26, 1995        -- Moline, IL, USA 0 days     
Razor Ramon (3) Jeff Jarrett May 19, 1995        -- Montreal, PQ, Canada 3 days     
Jeff Jarrett (3) Razor Ramon May 22, 1995        -- Trois-Rivieres, PQ, Canada 62 days     
Shawn Michaels (3) Jeff Jarrett Jul. 23, 1995        IYH: The Lumberjacks Nashville, TN, USA 91 days     
Dean Douglas Shawn Michaels Oct. 22, 1995        IYH: Great White North Winnipeg, MB, Canada 0 days     
Shawn Michaels was forced to forfeit the title to Dean Douglas due to injury.
Razor Ramon (4) Dean Douglas Oct. 22, 1995        IYH: Great White North Winnipeg, MB, Canada 91 days     
Goldust Razor Ramon Jan. 21, 1996        Monday Night Raw Fresno, CA, USA 85 days     
** Title Vacated ** Goldust Apr. 15, 1996        Monday Night Raw San Bernardino, CA, USA 47 yrs, 161 days     
The title was held-up by W.W.F. President Gorilla Monsoon after a match between Goldust & Savio Vega in which two referees disputed the result.
Goldust (2) Savio Vega Apr. 22, 1996        Monday Night Raw San Bernadino, CA, USA 62 days     
The title was held up the week before as a result of a controversial match between Goldust and Vega.
Ahmed Johnson Goldust Jun. 23, 1996        King Of The Ring Milwaukee, WI, USA 92 days     
Marc Mero Tournament Sep. 23, 1996        Monday Night Raw Hershey, PA, USA 28 days     
Marc Mero won the title by beating Faarooq in the final round of an 8 man tournament. The tournament also included Steve Austin, Owen Hart, Davey Boy Smith, Psycho Sid, Hunter Hearst Hemsley and Savio Vega.
Hunter Hearst Helmsley Marc Mero Oct. 21, 1996        Monday Night Raw Ft. Wayne, IN, USA 115 days     
Rocky Maivia Hunter Hearst Helmsley Feb. 13, 1997        Thursday Night Raw Lowell, MA, USA 74 days     
Owen Hart Rocky Maivia Apr. 28, 1997        Monday Night Raw Omaha, NE, USA 97 days     
Steve Austin Owen Hart Aug. 03, 1997        Summerslam East Rutherford, NJ, USA 36 days     
** Title Vacated ** Steve Austin Sep. 08, 1997        -- -- 27 days     
Steve Austin was forced to forfeit the title due to injury. A tournament was held to determine a new champion.
Owen Hart (2) Tournament Oct. 05, 1997        IYH: Badd Blood St. Louis, MO, USA 35 days     
Owen Hart pinned Faarooq in the final round of a 8-man tournament which also included Dude Love, Brian Pillman, Goldust, Ken Shamrock, Rocky Maivia and Ahmed Johnson.
Steve Austin (2) Owen Hart Nov. 09, 1997        Survivor Series Montreal, PQ, Canada 29 days     
Rocky Maivia (2) Steve Austin Dec. 08, 1997        Monday Night Raw Portland, ME, USA 265 days     
Steve Austin was forced to forfeit the title by W.W.F. Chairman Vince McMahon. McMahon then awarded the title to Rocky Maivia.
Hunter Hearst Helmsley (2) Rocky Maivia Aug. 30, 1998        Summerslam New York, NY, USA 43 days     
** Title Vacated ** Hunter Hearst Helmsley Oct. 12, 1998        Monday Night Raw Uniondale, NY, USA 0 days     
Hunter Hearst Helmsley was forced to forfeit the title due to injury. A tournament was held to determine a new champion.
Ken Shamrock Tournament Oct. 12, 1998        Monday Night Raw Uniondale, NY, USA 125 days     
Ken Shamrock pinned X-pac in the final round of an 8-man tournament which also included Steve Blackman, Val Venis, Marc Mero, Mankind, Mark Henry and Jeff Jarrett.
Val Venis Tournament Feb. 14, 1999        Valentine's Day Massacre Memphis, TN, USA 29 days     
Jesse James Val Venis Mar. 15, 1999        Monday Night Raw San Jose, CA, USA 14 days     
Goldust (3) Jesse James Mar. 29, 1999        Monday Night Raw East Rutherford, NJ, USA 14 days     
The Godfather Goldust Apr. 12, 1999        Monday Night Raw Detroit, MI, USA 49 days     
Jeff Jarrett (4) The Godfather May 31, 1999        Monday Night Raw Moline, IL, USA 54 days     
Edge Jeff Jarrett Jul. 24, 1999        House Show Toronto, ON, Canada 1 day     
Jeff Jarrett (5) Edge Jul. 25, 1999        Fully Loaded Buffalo, NY, USA 1 day     
D-Lo Brown Jeff Jarrett Jul. 26, 1999        Monday Night Raw Dayton, OH, USA 27 days     
Jeff Jarrett (6) D-Lo Brown Aug. 22, 1999        Summerslam Minneapolis, MN, USA 56 days     
Chyna Jeff Jarrett Oct. 17, 1999        No Mercy Cleveland, OH, USA 56 days     
Chris Jericho Chyna Dec. 12, 1999        Armeggedon Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA 18 days     
** Title Held Up ** Chris Jericho Dec. 30, 1999        Smackdown -- 4 days     
During a match between Chris Jericho and Chyna, two separate referees counted a pin by both participants at the same time and declared each one the new champion. The title was held up until a undisputed winner would be determined.
Chris Jericho (2) -- Jan. 03, 2000        Monday Night Raw Miami, FL, USA 20 days     
Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley decided that both Chris Jericho and Chyna would be co-holders of the Intercontinental Championship. Only one of them would defend the title at a time and if either of them lost, they both would lose the championship.
Chris Jericho (3) Triple Threat Match Jan. 23, 2000        Royal Rumble New York, NY, USA 35 days     
Chris Jericho won a triple threat match against Chyna and Hardcore Holly to be recognized as the sole holder of the Intercontinental Championship.
Kurt Angle Chris Jericho Feb. 27, 2000        No Way Out Hartford, CT, USA 35 days     
Chris Benoit Triple Threat Match Apr. 02, 2000        Wrestlemania Anaheim, CA, USA 32 days     
Chris Benoit pinned Chris Jericho in a triple threat match that also include the champion, Kurt Angle.
Chris Jericho (4) Chris Benoit May 04, 2000        Smackdown Richmond, VA, USA 4 days     
Chris Benoit (2) Chris Jericho May 08, 2000        Monday Night Raw Uniondale, NY, USA 45 days     
Rikishi Chris Benoit Jun. 22, 2000        Smackdown Memphis, TN, USA 14 days     
Val Venis (2) Rikishi Jul. 06, 2000        Smackdown Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA 52 days     
Chyna (3) Val Venis Aug. 27, 2000        Summerslam Raleigh, NC, USA 7 days     
Chyna pinned Trish Stratus in a intergender tag team match for the Intercontinental championship.
Eddie Guerrero Chyna Sep. 03, 2000        Monday Night Raw Lexington, KY, USA 81 days     
Eddie Guererro pinned Chyna in a Triple Threat Match that also involved Kurt Angle.
Billy Gunn Eddie Guererro Nov. 23, 2000        Smackdown Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA 17 days     
Chris Benoit (3) Billy Gunn Dec. 10, 2000        Armageddon Birmingham, AL, USA 42 days     
Chris Jericho (5) Chris Benoit Jan. 21, 2001        Royal Rumble New Orleans, LA, USA 74 days     
Triple H (3) Chris Jericho Apr. 05, 2001        Smackdown Oklahoma City, OK, USA 7 days     
Jeff Hardy Triple H Apr. 12, 2001        Smackdown Philadelphia, PA, USA 4 days     
Triple H (4) Jeff Hardy Apr. 16, 2001        Monday Night Raw Knoxville, TN, USA 34 days     
Kane Triple H May 20, 2001        Judgment Day Sacramento, CA, USA 39 days     
Albert Kane Jun. 28, 2001        Smackdown New York, NY, USA 25 days     
Lance Storm Albert Jul. 23, 2001        Monday Night Raw Buffalo, NY, USA 27 days     
Edge (2) Lance Storm Aug. 19, 2001        Summerslam San Jose, CA, USA 35 days     
Christian Edge Sep. 23, 2001        Unforgiven Pittsburgh, PA, USA 28 days     
Edge (3) Christian Oct. 21, 2001        No Mercy St. Louis, MO, USA 15 days     
Test Edge Nov. 05, 2001        Monday Night Raw Long Island, NY, USA 13 days     
Edge (4) Test Nov. 18, 2001        Survivor Series Greensboro, NC, USA 63 days     
Going into this match for the Intercontinental Championship, Edge held the W.C.W. U.S. Title. He defeated Test to unify the titles and become undisputed Intercontinental Champion.
William Regal Edge Jan. 20, 2002        Royal Rumble Atlanta, GA, USA 56 days     
Rob Van Dam William Regal Mar. 17, 2002        Wrestlemania Toronto, ON, Canada 35 days     
Eddie Guerrero (2) Rob Van Dam Apr. 21, 2002        Backlash Kansas City, MO, USA 36 days     
Rob Van Dam (2) Eddie Guerrero May 27, 2002        Monday Night Raw Edmonton, AB, Canada 56 days     
On July 22, 2002, the Intercontinental and European championships were unified in a match between Rob Van Dam and European Champion Jeff Hardy. Rob Van Dam won the match to be the new Intercontinental Champion.
Chris Benoit (4) Rob Van Dam Jul. 29, 2002        Monday Night Raw Greensboro, NC, USA 27 days     
Rob Van Dam (3) Chris Benoit Aug. 25, 2002        Summerslam Long Island, NY, USA 22 days     
Chris Jericho (6) Rob Van Dam Sep. 16, 2002        Monday Night Raw Denver, CO, USA 14 days     
Kane (2) Chris Jericho Sep. 30, 2002        Monday Night Raw Houston, TX, USA 20 days     
Triple H (5) Kane Oct. 20, 2002        No Mercy Little Rock, AR, USA 0 days     
** Title Retired ** Triple H Oct. 20, 2002        No Mercy Little Rock, AR, USA 210 days     
On October 20, 2002 at No Mercy in Little Rock, Arkansas, the Intercontinental Championship was unified with the Heavyweight championship in a match between Triple H and Kane in which Triple H was declared the winner.
Christian (2) Battle Royal May 18, 2003        Judgment Day Charlotte, NC, USA 50 days     
On May 5, 2003, Stone Cold Steve Austin, the new Co-General Manager of Raw, announced that the Intercontinental Title would be reinstated. The winner would be determined in a Battle Royal at Judgment Day. Christian won the battle royal which also included Booker T, Kane, Rob Van Dam, Chris Jericho, Test, Lance Storm, Val Venis And Goldust.
Booker T Christian Jul. 07, 2003        Monday Night Raw Montreal, PQ, Canada 34 days     
Christian (3) Booker T Aug. 10, 2003        House Show Des Moines, IA, USA 50 days     
Rob Van Dam (4) Christian Sep. 29, 2003        Monday Night Raw Rosemont, IL, USA 28 days     
Chris Jericho (7) Rob Van Dam Oct. 27, 2003        Monday Night Raw Fayetteville, NC, USA 0 days     
Rob Van Dam (5) Chris Jericho Oct. 27, 2003        Monday Night Raw Fayetteville, NC, USA 48 days     
Randy Orton Rob Van Dam Dec. 14, 2003        Armageddon Orlando, FL, USA 210 days     
Edge (5) Randy Orton Jul. 11, 2004        Vengeance Hartford, CT, USA 57 days     
** Title Vacated ** Edge Sep. 06, 2004        -- Wichita Falls, TX, USA 6 days     
Edge vacates the title due to injury.
Chris Jericho (8) Christian Sep. 12, 2004        Unforgiven Portland, OR, USA 37 days     
Chris Jericho defeated Christian in a Ladder Match for the vacated Intercontinental Championship.
Shelton Benjamin Chris Jericho Oct. 19, 2004        Taboo Tuesday Milwaukee, WI, USA 245 days     
Carlito Cool Shelton Benjamin Jun. 21, 2005        Monday Night Raw Phoenix, AR, USA 90 days     
Ric Flair Carlito Sep. 19, 2005        Unforgiven Oklahoma City, OK, USA 154 days     
Shelton Benjamin (2) Ric Flair Feb. 20, 2006        Monday Night Raw Trenton, NJ, USA 69 days     
Rob Van Dam (6) Shelton Benjamin Apr. 30, 2006        Backlash Lexington, KY, USA 15 days     
Shelton Benjamin (3) Texas Tornado Tag Match May 15, 2006        Monday Night Raw Lubbock, TX, USA 41 days     
Shelton Benjamin pinned Rob Van dam in a Texas Tornado, 3-on-2 Tag Team match which had Van Dam & Cena taking on Benjamin, Chris Masters and Triple H in a match where if either champion was pinned, they would lose their title.
Johnny Nitro Triple Threat Match Jun. 25, 2006        Vengeance Charlotte, NC, USA 99 days     
Johnny Nitro pinned Shelton Benjamin in a triple threat match that also involved Carlito.
Jeff Hardy (2) Johnny Nitro Oct. 02, 2006        Monday Night Raw Topeka, KS, USA 35 days     
Johnny Nitro (2) Jeff Hardy Nov. 06, 2006        Monday Night Raw Columbus, OH, USA 7 days     
Jeff Hardy (3) Johnny Nitro Nov. 13, 2006        Monday Night Raw Manchester, England 98 days     
Umaga Jeff Hardy Feb. 19, 2007        Monday Night Raw Bakersfield, CA, USA 56 days     
Santino Marella Umaga Apr. 16, 2007        Monday Night Raw Milan, Italy 77 days     
Umaga (2) Santino Marella Jul. 02, 2007        Monday Night Raw Dallas, TX, USA 63 days     
Jeff Hardy (4) Umaga Sep. 03, 2007        Monday Night Raw Columbus, OH, USA 189 days     
Chris Jericho (9) Jeff Hardy Mar. 10, 2008        Monday Night Raw Milwaukee, WI, USA 111 days     
Kofi Kingston Chris Jericho Jun. 29, 2008        Night Of Champions Dallas, TX, USA 49 days     
Santino Marella (2) Kofi Kingston Aug. 17, 2008        Summerslam Indianapolis, IN, USA 85 days     
Marella won the title in a winnner-take-all intergender tag team match for the Intercontinental and Women's championships, in which the winning team would win both titles. Beth Pheonix pinned Mickie James to win the match.
William Regal (2) Santino Marella Nov. 10, 2008        Monday Night Raw Manchester, England 70 days     
C.M. Punk William Regal Jan. 19, 2009        Monday Night Raw Rosemont, IL, USA 49 days     
J.B.L. C.M. Punk Mar. 09, 2009        Monday Night Raw Jacksonville, FL, USA 27 days     
Rey Mysterio J.B.L. Apr. 05, 2009        Wrestlemania Houston, TX, USA 63 days     
Chris Jericho (10) Rey Mysterio Jun. 07, 2009        Extreme Rules New Orleans, LA, USA 21 days     
Rey Mysterio (2) Chris Jericho Jun. 28, 2009        The Bash Sacramento, CA, USA 68 days     
John Morrison (3) Rey Mysterio Sep. 04, 2009        Smackdown Cleveland, OH, USA 100 days     
Drew McIntyre John Morrison Dec. 13, 2009        T.L.C. Pittsburgh, PA, USA 161 days     
Kofi Kingston Drew McIntyre May 23, 2010        Over The Limit Detroit, MI, USA 75 days     
Dolph Ziggler Kofi Kingston Aug. 06, 2010        Smackdown Laredo, TX, USA 154 days     
Kofi Kingston (3) Dolph Ziggler Jan. 07, 2011        Smackdown Tucson, AZ, USA 77 days     
Wade Barrett Kofi Kingston Mar. 25, 2011        Smackdown Columbus, OH, USA 86 days     
Ezekiel Jackson Wade Barrett Jun. 19, 2011        Capitol Punishment Washington, DC, USA 54 days     
Cody Rhodes Ezekiel Jackson Aug. 12, 2011        Smackdown Sacramento, CA, USA 233 days     
Big Show Cody Rhodes Apr. 01, 2012        Wrestlemania Miami, FL, USA 28 days     
Cody Rhodes (2) Big Show Apr. 29, 2012        Extreme Rules Rosemont, IL, USA 21 days     
Christian (4) Cody Rhodes May 20, 2012        Over The Limit Raleigh, NC, USA 64 days     
Christian won a 20-man battle royal to earn the right to face either the Intercontinental or United States Champion.
The Miz Christian Jul. 23, 2012        Monday Night Raw St. Louis, MO, USA 86 days     
Kofi Kingston (4) The Miz Oct. 17, 2012        Main Event Nashville, TN, USA 73 days     
Wade Barrett (2) Kofi Kingston Dec. 29, 2012        Monday Night Raw Washington, DC, USA 99 days     
The Miz Wade Barrett Apr. 07, 2013        Wrestlemania East Rutherford, NJ, USA 1 day     
Wade Barrett (3) The Miz Apr. 08, 2013        Monday Night Raw East Rutherford, NJ, USA 69 days     
Curtis Axel Triple Threat Match Jun. 16, 2013        Payback Rosemont, IL, USA 155 days     
Axel pinned Wade Barrett in a triple threat match for the championship that also included The Miz.
Big E. Langston Curtis Axel Nov. 18, 2013        Monday Night Raw Nashville, TN, USA 167 days     
Bad News Barrett (4) Big E. Langston May 04, 2014        Extreme Rules East Rutherford, NJ, USA 57 days     
** Title Vacated ** Bad News Barrett Jun. 30, 2014        Monday Night Raw Hartford, CT, USA 20 days     
Title vacated due to injury
The Miz (3) Battle Royal Jul. 20, 2014        Battleground Tampa, FL, USA 28 days     
The Miz last eliminated Dolph Ziggler in a battle royal for the vacated title. Also in the match were Big E., Alberto Del Rio, Cesaro, R-Truth, Ryback, Curtis Axel, Zack Ryder, Titus O'Neil, Damien Sandow, Heath Slater, Diego, Sin Cara, Xavier Woods, The Great Khali, Kofi Kingston, Bo Dallas and Sheamus.
Dolph Ziggler (2) The Miz Aug. 17, 2014        Summerslam Los Angeles, CA, USA 35 days     
The Miz (4) Dolph Ziggler Sep. 21, 2014        Night Of Champions Nashville, TN, USA 1 day     
Dolph Ziggler (3) The Miz Sep. 22, 2014        Monday Night Raw Memphis, TN, USA 56 days     
Luke Harper Dolph Ziggler Nov. 17, 2014        Monday Night Raw Roanoke, VA, USA 27 days     
Dolph Ziggler (4) Luke Harper Dec. 14, 2014        T.L.C. Cleveland, OH, USA 22 days     
Bad News Barrett (5) Dolph Ziggler Jan. 05, 2015        Monday Night Raw Corpus Christi, TX, USA 83 days     
Daniel Bryan Ladder Match Mar. 29, 2015        Wrestlemania Santa Clara, CA, USA 43 days     
Bryan won the title in a ladder match that also included the champion Bad News Barrett, Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler, Luke Harper, R-Truth and Stardust.
** Title Vacated ** Daniel Bryan May 11, 2015        Monday Night Raw Cincinnati, OH, USA 20 days     
Bryan relinquishes the title due to injury.
Ryback Eliminatin Chamber May 31, 2015        Elimination Chamber Corpus Christi, TX, USA 112 days     
Ryback pinned Sheamus in a 6-man Elimination Chamber match that also included Dolph Ziggler, King Barrett, Mark Henry and R-Truth.
Kevin Owens Ryback Sep. 20, 2015        Night Of Champions Houston, TX, USA 84 days     
Dean Ambrose Kevin Owens Dec. 13, 2015        T.L.C. Boston, MA, USA 64 days     
Kevin Owens (2) Fatal 5-Way Feb. 15, 2016        Monday Night Raw Anaheim, CA, USA 48 days     
Owens pinned Tyler Breeze in a Fatal 5-Way match that also included the champion Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler and Stardust.
Zack Ryder Ladder Match Apr. 03, 2016        Wrestlemania Arlington, TX, USA 1 day     
Ryder won the title in a ladder match that also included the champion, Kevin Owens, Dolph Ziggler, Sami Zayn, Sin Cara, Stardust, and The Miz.
The Miz (5) Zack Ryder Apr. 04, 2016        Monday Night Raw Dallas, TX, USA 188 days     
Dolph Ziggler (5) The Miz Oct. 09, 2016        No Mercy Sacramento, CA, USA 37 days     
The Miz (6) Dolph Ziggler Nov. 15, 2016        Smackdown Wilkes‐Barre, PA, USA 49 days     
Dean Ambrose (2) The Miz Jan. 03, 2017        Smackdown Live Jacksonville, FL, USA 152 days     
The Miz (7) Dean Ambrose Jun. 04, 2017        Extreme Rules Baltimore, MD, USA 169 days     
Roman Reigns The Miz Nov. 20, 2017        Monday Night Raw Houston, TX, USA 59 days     
The Miz (8) Roman Reigns Jan. 18, 2018        Monday Night Raw Brooklyn, NY, USA 64 days