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World Wrestling Entertainment
W.W.E. U.S. Heavyweight
United States Championship
(July 27, 2003 - Present)
Won By: Won From:     Date: Event: Location: Length of         
Title Reign:         
Eddie Guerrero (2) Tournament Jul. 27, 2003        Vengeance Denver, CO, USA 84 days     
Eddie Guerrero defeated Chris Benoit in the finals of a 8-man tournament that also included Billy Gunn, John Cena, Matt Hardy, Rikishi, Rhyno and Ultimo Dragon.
Big Show Eddie Guerrero Oct. 19, 2003        No Mercy Baltimore, MD, USA 147 days     
John Cena Big Show Mar. 14, 2004        Wrestlemania New York, NY, USA 116 days     
** Title Vacated ** John Cena Jul. 08, 2004        Smackdown New York, NY, USA 21 days     
After an accidental attack against Commissioner Kurt Angle, John Cena is stripped of the title.
Booker T (2) 8-Man Battle Royale Jul. 29, 2004        Smackdown Cincinnati, OH, USA 66 days     
Booker T eliminated Rob Van Dam in an 8-Man Battle Royale to capture the United States Championship, The match also included Billy Gunn, Charlie Haas, John Cena, Kenzo Suzuki, Luther Reigns, René Dupree.
John Cena (2) Booker T Oct. 03, 2004        No Mercy Rutherford, NJ, USA 4 days     
Carlito Caribbean Cool John Cena Oct. 07, 2004        Smackdown Boston, MA, USA 42 days     
John Cena (3) Carlito Caribbean Cool Nov. 18, 2004        Smackdown Dayton, OH, USA 105 days     
Orlando Jordan John Cena Mar. 03, 2005        Smackdown Albany, NY, USA 171 days     
Chris Benoit (3) Orlando Jordan Aug. 21, 2005        Summerslam Washington, DC, USA 61 days     
Booker T (3) Chris Benoit Oct. 21, 2005        Smackdown Reno, NV, USA 35 days     
** Title Vacated ** Booker T Nov. 25, 2005        Smackdown Sheffield, England 49 days     
The championship was vacated after a controversial match between Booker T and Chris Benoit were both competitors were declared winners by seperate referees. General Manager Teddy Long decided that the championship would be decided in a best-of-7 series between the two competitors.
Booker T (4) Best-Of-7 Jan. 13, 2006        Smackdown Philadelphia, PA, USA 37 days     
Booker T is award the championship after Randy Orton, who is subbing for the injured Booker T, defeats Chris Benoit in the final match of a best-of-7 series for the vacant championship.
Chris Benoit (4) Booker T Feb. 19, 2006        No Way Out Baltimore, MD, USA 42 days     
J.B.L. Chris Benoit Apr. 02, 2006        Wrestlemania Chicago, IL, USA 54 days     
Bobby Lashley J.B.L. May 26, 2006        Smackdown Bakersfield, CA, USA 49 days     
Fit Finlay Bobby Lashley Jul. 14, 2006        Smackdown Minneapolis, MN, USA 49 days     
Mr. Ken Kennedy Triple Threat Match Sep. 01, 2006        Smackdown Reading, PA, USA 42 days     
Mr. Ken Kennedy defeated Bobby Lashley in a Triple Threat Match that also included the champion, Fit Finlay.
Chris Benoit (5) Mr. Ken Kennedy Oct. 13, 2006        Smackdown Jacksonville, FL, USA 219 days     
M.V.P. Chris Benoit May 20, 2007        Judgment Day St. Louis, MO, USA 343 days     
M.V.P. defeated Benoit in a 2 out of 3 falls match, 2 falls to 1.
Matt Hardy M.V.P. Apr. 27, 2008        Backlash Baltimore, MD, USA 84 days     
Shelton Benjamin Matt Hardy Jul. 20, 2008        Great American Bash Long Island, NY, USA 243 days     
M.V.P. (2) Shelton Benjamin Mar. 20, 2009        Smackdown Corpus Christi, TX, USA 73 days     
Kofi Kingston M.V.P. Jun. 01, 2009        Monday Night Raw Birmingham, AL, USA 126 days     
The Miz Kofi Kingston Oct. 05, 2009        Monday Night Raw Wilkes-Barre, PA, USA 224 days     
Bret Hart The Miz May 17, 2010        Monday Night Raw Toronto, ON, Canada 7 days     
** Title Vacated ** Bret Hart May 24, 2010        Monday Night Raw Toledo, OH, USA 0 days     
Hart vacated the title after being appointed the new General Manager of Raw.
R-Truth The Miz May 24, 2010        Monday Night Raw Toledo, OH, USA 21 days     
After vacated the title, the new General Manager Bret Hart order a match for the vacated title between The Miz and R-Truth.
The Miz (2) Fatal 4-Way Match Jun. 14, 2010        Monday Night Raw Charlotte, NC, USA 97 days     
The Miz pinned R-Truth in a fatal 4-way match that aslo included John Morrison and Zack Ryder.
Daniel Bryan The Miz Sep. 19, 2010        Night Of Champions Rosemont, IL, USA 176 days     
Sheamus Daniel Bryan Mar. 14, 2011        Monday Night Raw St. Louis, MO, USA 48 days     
Kofi Kingston (2) Sheamus May 01, 2011        Extreme Rules Tampa, FL, USA 49 days     
Dolph Ziggler Kofi Kingston Jun. 19, 2011        Capitol Punishment Washington, DC, USA 182 days     
Zack Ryder Dolph Ziggler Dec. 18, 2011        T.L.C. Baltimore, MD, USA 29 days     
Jack Swagger Santino Marella Jan. 16, 2012        Monday Night Raw Anaheim, CA, USA 49 days     
Santino Marella Jack Swagger Mar. 05, 2012        Raw Supershow Boston, MA, USA 167 days     
Antonio Cesaro Santino Marella Aug. 19, 2012        Summerslam: Pre-Show Los Angeles, CA, USA 239 days     
Kofi Kingston (3) Antonio Cesaro Apr. 15, 2013        Monday Night Raw Greenville, SC, USA 34 days     
Dean Ambrose Kofi Kingston May 19, 2013        Extreme Rules St. Louis, MO, USA 361 days     
Sheamus (2) Dean Ambrose May 15, 2014        Monday Night Raw Albany, NY, USA 172 days     
Sheamus won the title in a 20-Man Battle Royal which also included the champion Dean Ambrose, Goldust, Cody Rhodes, Mark Henry, Titus O'Neil, Damien Sandow, Xavier Woods, R-Truth, Kofi Kingston, Sin Cara, Zack Ryder, Dolph Ziggle, Heath Slater, Jack Swagger, Fandango, Ryback, Curtis Axel, Santino Marella, Sheamus & Big Show.
Rusev Sheamus Nov. 03, 2014        W.W.E. Network Buffalo, NY, USA 146 days     
John Cena (4) Rusev Mar. 29, 2015        Wrestlemania Santa Clara, CA, USA 147 days     
Seth Rollins John Cena Aug. 23, 2015        SummerSlam Brooklyn, NY, USA 27 days     
John Cena (5) Seth Rollins Sep. 20, 2015        Night Of Champions Houston, TX, USA 35 days     
Alberto Del Rio John Cena Oct. 25, 2015        Hell In A Cell Los Angeles, CA, USA 78 days     
Kalisto Alberto Del Rio Jan. 11, 2016        Monday Night Raw New Orleans, LA, USA 3 days     
Alberto Del Rio (2) Kalisto Jan. 14, 2016        Smackdown Lafayette, LA, USA 10 days     
Kalisto (2) Alberto Del Rio Jan. 24, 2016        Royal Rumble Orlando, FL, USA 118 days     
Rusev (2) Kalisto May 22, 2016        Extreme Rules Newark, NJ, USA 126 days     
Roman Reigns Rusev Sep. 25, 2016        Clash Of Champions Indianapolis, IN, USA 106 days     
Chris Jericho Roman Reigns Jan. 09, 2017        Monday Night Raw New Orleans, LA, USA 83 days     
Kevin Owens Chris Jericho Apr. 02, 2017        Wrestlemania Orlando, FL, USA 28 days     
Chris Jericho (2) Kevin Owens Apr. 30, 2017        Payback San Jose, CA, USA 2 days     
Kevin Owens (2) Chris Jericho May 02, 2017        Smackdown Live Fresno, CA, USA 66 days     
A.J. Styles Kevin Owens Jul. 07, 2017        W.W.E. Live Event New York, NY, USA 16 days     
Kevin Owens (3) A.J. Styles Jul. 23, 2017        Battleground Philadelphia, PA, USA 2 days     
A.J. Styles (2) Triple Threat Jul. 25, 2017        Smackdown Live Richmond, VA, USA 75 days     
Styles pinned Chris Jericho in a Triple Threat match that also involved the champion, Kevin Owens
Baron Corbin Triple Threat Oct. 08, 2017        Hell In A Cell Detroit, MI, USA 70 days     
Corban pinned Tye Dillinger in a triple threat match that also included the champion, A.J. Styles.
Dolph Ziggler (2) Baron Corbin Dec. 17, 2017        Clash Of Champions Boston, MA, USA 2 days     
Ziggler pinned Corbin in a triple threat match that also included Bobby Roode.
** Title Vacated ** Dolph Ziggler Dec. 19, 2017        Smackdown Live Newark, NJ, USA 28 days     
After claiming the W.W.E. Universe didn't deserve him as champion, Ziggler left the belt in the middle of the ring. Smackdown Live General Manager Daniel Bryan later declared the belt vacant.
Bobby Roode Tournament Jan. 16, 2018        Smackdown Live Laredo, TX, USA 54 days     
Roode defeated Jinder Mahal in the finals of an 8-man tournament for the vacant title. Other Superstars in the tournament included Aiden English, Baron Corbin, Mojo Rawley, Tye Dillinger, Xavier Woods, and Zack Ryder.
Randy Orton Bobby Roode Mar. 11, 2018        Fast Lane Columbus, OH, USA 28 days     
Jinder Mahal Fatal 4–Way Apr. 08, 2018        Wrestlemania New Orleans, LA, USA 8 days     
Mahal pinned Rusev in a Fatal 4-Way match that also included the champion, Randy Orton and Bobby Roode
Jeff Hardy Jinder Mahal Apr. 16, 2018        Monday Night Raw Hartford, CT, USA 10 days