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Capitol Wrestling
Women's Championship
(September 18, 1956 - January 1983)
Won By: Won From:     Date: Event: Location: Length of         
Title Reign:         
Fabulous Moolah Tournament Sep. 18, 1956        -- Baltimore, MD, USA 27 yrs, 315 days     
Fabulous Moolah defeated Judy Grable in a tournament final to win the N.W.A. World Women's Championship. She also wins the World Title in women's wrestling, a title dating back to the 1890s. Moolah is also recognized as Capitol Wrestling's Women's Champion. Moolah doesn't defend the Capitol Wrestling title, mainly focusing on defending the World & N.W.A.'s Championships.
World Wrestling Federation
W.W.E. Women's
World Women's Championship
(January 1, 1983 - May 1, 2002)

Won By: Won From:     Date: Event: Location: Length of         
Title Reign:         
The World Wrestling Federation separates from the N.W.A. and buys the rights to the world women's championship of wrestling from Moolah, who is also recognized as the N.W.A. World Women's Champion. Moolah is recognized as the first W.W.F. World Women's champion.
Wendi Richter Fabulous Moolah Jul. 23, 1984        Brawl To End It All New York, NY, USA 210 days     
Leilani Kai Wendi Richter Feb. 18, 1985        War To Settle The Score New York, NY, USA 41 days     
Wendi Richter (2) Leilani Kai Mar. 31, 1985        Wrestlemania New York, NY, USA 239 days     
Fabulous Moolah (2) Wendi Richter Nov. 25, 1985        -- New York, NY, USA 220 days     
Fabulous Moolah wins the titled disguised as Spider Lady, reveiling her true identity after the match.
Velvet McIntyre Fabulous Moolah Jul. 03, 1986        -- Brisbane, QLD, Australia 6 days     
Fabulous Moolah (3) Velvet McIntyre Jul. 09, 1986        -- Sydney, NSW, Australia 1 yr, 15 days     
Sherri Martel Fabulous Moolah Jul. 24, 1987        -- Houston, TX, USA 1 yr, 76 days     
Rockin' Robin Sherri Martel Oct. 07, 1988        -- Paris, France 1 yr, 134 days     
** Title Vacated ** Rockin' Robin Feb. 18, 1990        -- -- 3 yrs, 299 days     
Alundra Blaze Tournament Dec. 13, 1993        Monday Night Raw Poughkeepsie, NY, USA 349 days     
Alundra Blaze defeated Heidi Lee Morgan in a tournament final that also included Black Venus, Angie Moreno, Rustee Thomas and Allison Royal.
Bull Nakanoa Alundra Blaze Nov. 27, 1994        -- Toyko, Japan 127 days     
Alundra Blaze (2) Bull Nakano Apr. 03, 1995        Monday Night Raw Poughkeepsie, NY, USA 146 days     
Bertha Faye Alundra Blaze Aug. 27, 1995        Summerslam Pittsburgh, PA, USA 57 days     
Alundra Blaze (3) Bertha Faye Oct. 23, 1995        Monday Night Raw Brandon, MB, Canada 49 days     
** Title Vacated ** Alundra Blaze Dec. 11, 1995        -- -- 2 yrs, 285 days     
The title belt was vacated when Alundra Blaze was released from the W.W.F. and later showed up on W.C.W., where she threw her title in the trash.
Jacqueline Sable Sep. 21, 1998        Monday Night Raw Sacromento, CA, USA 55 days     
Jacqueline defeated Sable in a match for the vacated title.
Sable Jacqueline Nov. 15, 1998        Survivor Series St. Louis, MO, USA 176 days     
Debra Sable May 10, 1999        Monday Night Raw Orlando, FL, USA 35 days     
Debra won the title in an Evening Gown Match. Commissioner Shawn Michaels declared Debra the winner when she was stripped of her clothes.
Ivory Debra Jun. 14, 1999        Monday Night Raw Worchester, MA, USA 125 days     
Fabulous Moolah (7) Ivory Oct. 17, 1999        No Mercy Cleveland, OH, USA 8 days     
Ivory Fabulous Moolah Oct. 25, 1999        Monday Night Raw Providence, RI, USA 48 days     
The Kat 4-Way Match Dec. 12, 1999        Armageddon Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA 50 days     
The Kat defeated Ivory in a Four Corners Evening Gown Match that also included Jacqueline and B.B.
Harvey Wippleman The Kat Jan. 31, 2000        Monday Night Raw Pittsburgh, PA, USA 3 days     
Harvey Wippleman defeated The Kat when he disguised himself as a woman named Harvina.
Jacqueline (2) Harvey Whipleman Feb. 03, 2000        Smackdown Detroit, MI, USA 56 days     
Stephanie McMahon Jacqueline Mar. 30, 2000        Smackdown San Antonio, TX, USA 144 days     
Lita Stephanie McMahon Aug. 21, 2000        Monday Night Raw Lafayette, LA, USA 73 days     
Ivory (3) Lita Nov. 02, 2000        Smackdown Rochester, NY, USA 150 days     
Chyna Ivory Apr. 01, 2001        Wrestlemania Houston, TX, USA 231 days     
Trish Stratus 6-Way Match Nov. 18, 2001        Survivor Series Greensboro, NC, USA 78 days     
Trish Stratus pinned Ivory in a 6-Pack Challenge for the vacant title. The match also included Lita, Jacqueline, Mighty Molly and Jazz.
Jazz Trish Stratus Feb. 04, 2002        Monday Night Raw Las Vegas, NV, USA 86 days     
World Wrestling Entertainment
W.W.E. Women#&39;s
World Women's Championship
(May 1, 2002 - November 21, 2010)

Won By: Won From:     Date: Event: Location: Length of         
Title Reign:         
Trish Stratus (2) Jazz May 13, 2002        Monday Night Raw Toronto, ON, Canada 41 days     
Molly Holly Trish Stratus Jun. 23, 2002        King Of The Ring Columbus, OH, USA 91 days     
Trish Stratus (3) Molly Holly Sep. 22, 2002        Unforgiven Los Angeles, CA, USA 56 days     
Victoria Trish Stratus Nov. 17, 2002        Survivor Series New York, NY, USA 133 days     
Trish Stratus (4) Triple Threat Match Mar. 30, 2003        Wrestlemania Seattle, WA, USA 28 days     
Trish Stratus pinned Victoria in a Triple Threat Match that also include Jazz.
Jazz (2) Trish Stratus Apr. 27, 2003        Backlash Worchester, MA, USA 64 days     
Gail Kim Battle Royal Jun. 30, 2003        Monday Night Raw Buffalo, NY, USA 28 days     
Gail Kim won a Battle Royal for the Women's Championship by eliminating Victoria in a match that also involved Ivory, Jacqueline, Jazz, Molly Holly and Trish Stratus.
Molly Holly (2) Gail Kim Jul. 28, 2003        Monday Night Raw Colorado Springs, CO, USA 210 days     
Victoria (2) Fatal Four Way Feb. 23, 2004        Monday Night Raw Omaha, NE, USA 111 days     
Victoria pins Jazz in a Fatal Four Way match that also involved the champion Molly Holly and Lita.
Trish Stratus (5) Fatal Four Way Jun. 13, 2004        Badd Blood Columbus, OH, USA 176 days     
Trish Stratus pins Lita in a Fatal Four Way match that also involved Gail Kim & Victoria.
Lita Trish Stratus Dec. 06, 2004        Monday Night Raw Charlotte, NC, USA 34 days     
Trish Stratus (6) Lita Jan. 09, 2005        New Year's Revolution San Juan, PR, USA 1 yr, 83 days     
Mickie James Trish Stratus Apr. 02, 2006        Wrestlemania Chicago, IL, USA 134 days     
Lita (3) Mickie James Aug. 14, 2006        Monday Night Raw Charlottesville, VA, USA 34 days     
Trish Stratus (7) Lita Sep. 17, 2006        Unforgiven Toronto, ON, Canada 8 days     
** Title Vacated ** Trish Stratus Sep. 25, 2006        Monday Night Raw Montreal, PQ, Canada 41 days     
Trish Stratus vacates the title due to retirement. A tournament will be held to determine a new champion.
Lita Diva Lumberjack Match Nov. 05, 2006        Cyber Sunday Cincinnati, OH, USA 21 days     
Lita defeated Mickie James in a Diva Lumberjack match for the vacant W.W.E. Women's championship.
Mickie James (2) Lita Nov. 26, 2006        Survivor Series Philadelphia, PA, USA 85 days     
Melina Mickie James Feb. 19, 2007        Monday Night Raw Bakersfield, CA, USA 65 days     
Mickie James (3) Triple Threat Match Apr. 25, 2007        House Show Paris, France 0 days     
Mickie defeated Melina and Victoria in a Triple Threat Match for the championship.
Melina (2) Mickie James Apr. 25, 2007        House Show Paris, France 60 days     
Candice Michelle Melina Jun. 24, 2007        Vengeance Houston, TX, USA 105 days     
Beth Pheonix Candice Michelle Oct. 07, 2007        No Mercy Chicago, IL, USA 190 days     
Mickie James (4) Beth Pheonix Apr. 14, 2008        Monday Night Raw London, England 125 days     
Beth Pheonix (2) Mickie James Aug. 17, 2008        Summerslam Indianapolis, IN, USA 161 days     
Beth Pheonix pinned Mickie James in a Winner-Take-All intergender tag team match where the winning team would win both titles.
Melina (3) Beth Pheonix Jan. 25, 2009        Royal Rumble Detroit, MI, USA 154 days     
Michelle McCool Melina Jun. 28, 2009        The Bash Sacramento, CA, USA 217 days     
Mickie James (5) Michelle McCool Jan. 31, 2010        Royal Rumble Atlanta, GA, USA 26 days     
Michelle McCool (2) Mickie James Feb. 26, 2010        Smackdown Milwaukee, WI, USA 58 days     
Beth Pheonix (3) Michelle McCool Apr. 25, 2010        Extreme Rules Baltimore, MA, USA 50 days     
Layla Beth Pheonix Jun. 14, 2010        Smackdown Buffalo, NY, USA 160 days     
Layla pinned Beth Pheonix in a 2-on-1 Handicap match that had Michelle McCool as Layla's partner.

On September 19, 2010, Layla defeated W.W.E. Divas Champion Melina to be declared the Unified Divas Champion.
** Title Retired ** Layla Nov. 21, 2010        Survivor Series Miami, FL, USA 5 yrs, 135 days     
The title was retired after Layla's win over Melina. The title continues as the Diva's Championship
World Wrestling Entertainment

Women's Championship
(April 3, 2016 - Present)

Won By: Won From:     Date: Event: Location: Length of         
Title Reign:         
Charlotte Triple Threat Match Apr. 03, 2016        Wrestlemania Arlington, TX, USA 114 days     
During the Wrestlemania pre-show, it is announced that the winner of the triple threat match for the Diva's title later that evening, will be crowned the new W.W.E. Women's Champion. Charlotte defeated Becky via submission in the match that also included Sasha Banks.
Sasha Banks Charlotte Jul. 26, 2016        Monday Night Raw Pittsburgh, PA, USA 26 days     
Charlotte (2) Sasha Banks Aug. 21, 2016        Summerslam Brooklyn, NY, USA 43 days     
Sasha Banks (2) Charlotte Oct. 03, 2016        Monday Night Raw Los Angeles, CA, USA 27 days     
Charlotte Flair (3) Sasha Banks Oct. 30, 2016        Hell In A Cell Boston, MA, USA 29 days     
Sasha Banks (3) Charlotte Flair Nov. 28, 2016        Monday Night Raw Charlotte, NC, USA 20 days     
Charlotte Flair (4) Sasha Banks Dec. 18, 2016        Roadblock Pittsburgh, PA, USA 57 days     
Bayley Charlotte Flair Feb. 13, 2017        Monday Night Raw Las Vegas, NV, USA 76 days     
Alexa Bliss Bayley Apr. 30, 2017        Payback San Jose, CA, USA 112 days     
Sasha Banks (4) Alexa Bliss Aug. 20, 2017        Summerslam Brooklyn, NY, USA 8 days     
Alexa Bliss (2) Sasha Banks Aug. 28, 2017        Monday Night Raw Memphis, TN, USA 203 days