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World Wrestling Entertainment
W.W.E. World Heavyweight
World Heavyweight Championship
(September 2, 2002 - Present)
Won By: Won From:     Date: Event: Location: Length of         
Title Reign:         
Triple H -- Sep. 02, 2002        Monday Night Raw Milwaukee, WI, USA 76 days     
On Sept. 2, 2002, Eric Bischoff appoints Triple H the new champion on Raw after W.W.E. Champion Brock Lesnar signs exclusively with Smackdown. The former N.W.A./W.C.W. Heavyweight Championship belt is renamed the W.W.E. World Heavyweight Title.
Shawn Michaels Elimination Chamber Nov. 17, 2002        Survivor Series New York, NY, USA 28 days     
Shawn Michaels won a 6-Man Elimination Chamber match by pinning Triple H. This match also included Booker T, Chris Jericho, Kane and Rob Van Dam.
Triple H (2) Shwan Michaels Dec. 15, 2002        Armageddon Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA 280 days     
Bill Goldberg (2) Triple H Sep. 21, 2003        Unforgiven Hershey, PA, USA 84 days     
Triple H (3) 3-Way Match Dec. 14, 2003        Armageddon Orlando, FL, USA 91 days     
Triple H pinned Goldberg in a Triple Threat Match that also involved Kane.
Chris Benoit (2) Triple-Threat Match Mar. 14, 2004        Wrestlemania New York, NY, USA 154 days     
Chris Benoit made Triple H submit in a Triple Threat Match that also involved Shawn Michaels.
Randy Orton Chris Benoit Aug. 15, 2004        Summerslam Toronto, ON, Canada 28 days     
Triple H (4) Randy Orton Sep. 12, 2004        Unforgiven Portland, OR, USA 85 days     
** Title Vacated ** Triple H Dec. 06, 2004        Monday Night Raw Charlotte, NC, USA 34 days     
The championship was declared vacated by W.W.E. Chairman Vince McMahon a week after a triple threat match that involved Triple H, Edge & Chris Benoit. Mr. McMahon determined that since Benoit & Edge were eliminated by their simultaneous pinfall/submission, neither superstar won the championship. However, a pinfall did occur and therefore, Triple H lost his title.
Triple H (5) Elimination Chamber Jan. 09, 2005        New Year's Revolution San Juan, PR, USA 84 days     
Triple H defeated Randy Orton in an Elimination Chamber match that also included Batista, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho and Edge.
Batista Triple H Apr. 03, 2005        Wrestlemania Los Angeles, CA, USA 282 days     
** Title Vacated ** Batista Jan. 10, 2006        Smackdown Philadelphia, PA, USA 0 days     
Batista vacates the title due to injury.
Kurt Angle (2) 20-Man Battle Royal Jan. 10, 2006        Smackdown Philadelphia, PA, USA 82 days     
Kurt Angle defeated Mark Henry in a 20-Man Battle Royal for the vacated World Heavyweight Championship, which also included Animal, Bobby Lashley, Brian Kendrick, J.B.L., Joey Mercury, Johnny Nitro, Matt Hardy, Nunzio, Orlando Jordan, Paul Burchill, Paul London, Psicosis, Rey Mysterio, Simon Dean, Super Crazy, Sylvan Grenier, Vito and William Regal.
Rey Mysterio Triple Threat Match Apr. 02, 2006        Wrestlemania Chicago, IL, USA 112 days     
Mysterio defeated Randy Orton in a Triple Threat Match for the title that also included the champion, Kurt Angle.
King Booker Rey Mysterio Jul. 23, 2006        Great American Bash Indianapolis, IN, USA 126 days     
Batista (2) King Booker Nov. 26, 2006        Survivor Series Philadelphia, PA, USA 126 days     
Undertaker Batista Apr. 01, 2007        Wrestlemania Detroit, MI, USA 40 days     
Edge Undertaker May 11, 2007        Smackdown Pittsburgh, PA, USA 67 days     
** Title Vacated ** Edge Jul. 17, 2007        Smackdown Laredo, TX, USA 0 days     
Edge vacates the title due to injury. Immediately afterwards, General Manager Theodore Long announces a 20-Man Battle Royal to crown a new champion.
Great Khali 20-Man Battle Royale Jul. 17, 2007        Smackdown Laredo, TX, USA 61 days     
Khali eliminates Kane & Batista in a 20-Man Battle Royale to become the new champion.
Batista (3) Triple Threat Match Sep. 16, 2007        Unforgiven Memphis, TN, USA 91 days     
Batista pinned the Great Khali in a Triple Threat Match for the championship which also included Rey Mysterio.
Edge (2) 3-Way Match Dec. 16, 2007        Armageddon Pittsburgh, PA, USA 105 days     
Edge pinned Batista in a Triple Threat Match that also involved the Undertaker.
Undertaker (2) Edge Mar. 30, 2008        Wrestlemania Orlando, FL, USA 33 days     
** Title Vacated ** Undertaker May 02, 2008        Smackdown Atlantic City, NJ, USA 30 days     
Smackdown General Manager Vickie Guerrero stripped the Undertaker of the title, saying she was under pressure from the higher authorites about the Undertakers behaviour as of late.
Edge (3) Undertaker Jun. 01, 2008        One Night Stand San Diego, CA, USA 29 days     
Edge defeated the Undertaker in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match for the vacated title.
C.M. Punk Edge Jun. 30, 2008        Monday Night Raw Oklahoma City, OK, USA 69 days     
Chris Jericho Championship Scramble Sep. 07, 2008        Unforgiven Cleveland, OH, USA 49 days     
Jericho won a Championship Scramble match in which the last participant to score a pinfall in the 15 minute time frame would win or retain the title. Jericho was a replacement for the champion, C.M. Punk, who was injured earlier in the night. Jericho last pinned Kane to win the match. Also in the match was Batista, J.B.L. and Rey Mysterio
Batista (4) Chris Jericho Oct. 26, 2008        Cyber Sunday Phoenix, AZ, USA 8 days     
Chris Jericho (2) Batista Nov. 03, 2008        Monday Night Raw Tampa, FL, USA 20 days     
Jericho defeated Batista in a Steel Cage Match.
John Cena Chris Jericho Nov. 23, 2008        Survivor Series Boston, MA, USA 84 days     
Edge (4) Elimination Chamber Feb. 15, 2009        No Way Out Seattle, WA, USA 49 days     
Edge pinned Rey Mysterio in an Elimination Chamber match that also included the champion John Cena, Chris Jericho, Kane and Mike Knox.
John Cena (2) Triple Threat Match Apr. 05, 2009        Wrestlemania Houston, TX, USA 21 days     
Cena pinned the champion Edge in a Triple Threat Match that also included Big Show.
Edge (5) John Cena Apr. 26, 2009        Backlash Providence, RI, USA 42 days     
Edge defeated Cena in a Last Man Standing match to win the title.
Jeff Hardy Edge Jun. 07, 2009        Extreme Rules New Orleans, LA, USA 0 days     
Jeff Hardy defeated Edge in a ladder match for the championship.
C.M. Punk (2) Jeff Hardy Jun. 07, 2009        Extreme Rules New Orleans, LA, USA 49 days     
Immediately following Jeff Hardy's win in the ladder match, Punk cashes in his money in the back contract and defeats Jeff Hardy for the title.
Jeff Hardy (2) C.M. Punk Jul. 26, 2009        Night Of Champions Philadelphia, PA, USA 28 days     
C.M. Punk (3) Jeff Hardy Aug. 23, 2009        Summerslam Los Angeles, CA, USA 42 days     
Punk defeated Hardy in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match.
Undertaker (3) C.M. Punk Oct. 04, 2009        Hell In A Cell Newark, NJ, USA 140 days     
Undertaker defeated Punk in a "Hell In A Cell" match.
Chris Jericho (3) Elimination Chamber Feb. 21, 2010        Elimination Chamber St. Louis, MO, USA 40 days     
Jericho pinned Undertaker to win the title in an elimination chamber match that also included C.M. Punk, John Morrison, R-Truth and Rey Mysterio.
Jack Swagger Chris Jericho Apr. 02, 2010        Smackdown Las Vegas, NV, USA 79 days     
Swagger used his "Money In The Bank" contract after Jericho was attacked by Edge.
Rey Mysterio (10) Fatal 4-Way Match Jun. 20, 2010        Fatal 4-Way Uniondale, NY, USA 28 days     
Mysterio pinned Swagger in a fatal 4-way match that also included C.M. Punk and the Big Show.
Kane Rey Mysterio Jul. 18, 2010        Money In The Bank Kansas City, MO, USA 154 days     
After successfully defending the title against Jack Swagger, Kane cashes in the Money In The Bank contract he won earlier in the night and defeats Mysterio for the championship.
Edge (6) T.L.C. Match Dec. 19, 2010        T.L.C. Houston, TX, USA 61 days     
Edge won the championship in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match that also included Kane, Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio.
Dolph Ziggler Edge Feb. 18, 2011        Smackdown San Deigo, CA, USA 0 days     
Ziggler is awarded the championship after Edge used the spear twice in a match last week after acting GM Vickie Guerrero said that the move was banned and he would be stripped of the title if he used it during the match.
Edge Dolph Ziggler Feb. 18, 2011        Smackdown San Deigo, CA, USA 56 days     
** Title Vacated ** Edge Apr. 15, 2011        Smackdown Albany, NY, USA 16 days     
Christian Ladder Match May 01, 2011        Extreme Rules Tampa, FL, USA 5 days     
Christian defeated Alberto Del Rio in a ladder match for the vacated title.
Randy Orton (2) Christian May 06, 2011        Smackdown Orlando, FL, USA 72 days     
Christian (2) Randy Orton Jul. 17, 2011        Money In The Bank Rosemont, IL, USA 28 days     
Christian won the match and the title via disqualification due to a stipulation that stated Orton could lose the title via DQ, Count-Out or unfair referee decision.
Randy Orton (3) Christian Aug. 14, 2011        Summerslam Los Angeles, CA, USA 35 days     
Mark Henry Randy Orton Sep. 18, 2011        Night Of Champions Buffalo, NY, USA 91 days     
Big Show Mark Henry Dec. 18, 2011        T.L.C. Baltimore, MD, USA 0 days     
Big Show defeated Mark Henry in a Chairs Match.
Daniel Bryan Big Show Dec. 18, 2011        T.L.C. Baltimore, MD, USA 105 days     
Daniel Bryan cashes in the Smackdown Money In The Bank contract immediately after the match between Mark Henry and Big Show.
Sheamus Daniel Bryan Apr. 01, 2012        Wrestlemania Miami, FL, USA 210 days     
Big Show (2) Sheamus Oct. 28, 2012        Hell In A Cell Atlanta, GA, USA 75 days     
Alberto Del Rio Big Show Jan. 11, 2013        Super Smackdown Miami, FL, USA 87 days     
This was a last man standing match for the championship.
Dolph Ziggler (2) Alberto Del Rio Apr. 08, 2013        Monday Night Raw East Rutherford, NJ, USA 69 days     
After Alberto Del Rio competes in a match against Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter, Dolph Ziggler cashes in his money in the bank contract and defeats Del Rio for the championship.
Alberto Del Rio (2) Dolph Ziggler Jun. 16, 2013        Payback Rosemont, IL, USA 133 days     
John Cena (3) Alberto Del Rio Oct. 27, 2013        Hell In A Cell Miami, FL, USA 49 days     
Randy Orton (4) John Cena Dec. 15, 2013        T.L.C. Houston, TX, USA 0 days     
Orton defeated John Cena in a Ladders match to also win the World Heavyweight Championship to become the unified champion.
** Title Retired ** Randy Orton Dec. 15, 2013        -- -- 4 yrs, 95 days     
Although both belts are used to signify the new unified champion, W.W.E. officially retires the championship.